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White House Restore’s Acosta’s Press Pass, Issues Rules Of Decorum For Reporters

Donald_Trump_Jim_Acosta_Sarah_SandersCNN reporter Jim Acosta has been a troublemaker with the Trump Administration since day 1. He doesn’t ask questions at a news conference, but rudely interrupts and attempts to debate Trump or Sarah Sanders. He’s replaced reporting with grandstanding.

 Recently the White House pulled Acosta’s press credential after he refused to give up the microphone to an intern doing her job to give it to another reporter at a press conference on Nov. 7 as he tried asking President Donald Trump a question about the Russia investigation.  Trump had to repeatedly say ‘Enough” but Acosta kept on. How many times does Trump have to say  ”Enough” before Acosta takes the hint?
Fake News
Several media organizations have scoffed at the White House’s arguments, saying that past presidents have all dealt with aggressive coverage without pulling reporters’ credentials. But Trump and his staff have stressed that reporters must follow rules of “decorum” while inside the White House.

“We have to practice decorum,” the president told reporters last Friday while reacting to the judge’s ruling.

The decision to permanently restore Acosta’s pass was surprising, given the president’s reluctance to back away from a fight. By most indications, the administration was prepared to move forward with its efforts just hours before a final decision was announced.

The White House dropped its’ effort to strip CNN reporter Jim Acosta of his press credentials. The reversal comes after the White House notified Acosta last Friday it may renew its attempts to revoke his press pass after a judge’s order restoring it expired.

The letter also outlined new rules for reporters at presidential news conferences, including limiting each journalist to one question with follow-ups coming “at the discretion of the president or other White House officials taking questions.”

The president of the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) said Monday that the group “fully expect[s]” White House reporters to continue asking follow-up questions at presidential news conferences.

Earlier Monday, the White House announced new rules for reporters at news conferences that include limiting the ability of reporters to ask follow-up questions.

The rules of decorum are:

  • All journalists called upon will ask a single question and then after an answer will yield the floor to another journalist.
  • At the discretion of the president or other white house officials taking questions, a follow-up question or questions may be permitted and where a follow-up has been asked and allowed the questioner will then yield to the floor.
  • Yielding the floor includes when applicable physically surrendering the microphone to white house staff for use by the next questioner.
  • Failure to abide by any rules may result in suspension or revocation of the journalist’s hard pass.

Who does or doesn’t get a White House press pass is entirely an executive branch decision, and the courts have no right to interfere. In the same way, Trump was acting completely within his authority in banning the entry of people from certain countries and, as the commander in chief, in ending the transgender nonsense in the military.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders discussed the ruling and in an appearance on Fox News on Friday night, where she said that if reporters like Acosta “can’t be adults,” networks like CNN should send other representatives.

Speaking with her father — former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who was guest hosting for Sean Hannity — Sanders seemed to suggest that Acosta had been behaving like a spoiled child as she explained that the basic minimum standard for reporters going forward should be to act like an adult

“We support a free press, but freedom of the press doesn’t mean freedom to be disruptive, freedom to be rude, freedom to interrupt and impede the ability of the colleagues of the disruptive reporter from actually being able to do their jobs, as well as White House staff being able to do theirs,” Sanders said.

CNN and its White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, again accused the Trump Administration of violating their constitutional rights in new papers filed with the U.S. District Court on Monday after spending much of the weekend exchanging legal threats in the wake of Friday’s ruling by a federal judge temporarily restoring Acosta’s credential.

Acosta was informed of a “preliminary decision” for his White House credential to be revoked, once again, after the temporary 14-day order expires. The attorney for CNN and Acosta claim that the White House is attempting to punish the reporter based on “retroactive” application of rules that aren’t written and requested a hearing for the week of Nov. 26.

The filing also claims the Trump administration did not respond to CNN’s offer to work with the White House on establishing protocols for future press conferences.

Trump doesn’t have to respond to CNN as mentioned above the executive branch decides who gets a press pass.CNN can send someone else or if Acosta remains he j just will not be called upon and he can remain as an observer. This is all part of CNN and the left wing media poking it at Trump as they are so jealous they are not in power with their darling Hillary. Liberals will say or do anything for power and do not need proof of anything.

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