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White House: Judge’s order will “open floodgates” for illegal aliens; promises to fight back

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that a federal district judge’s ruling against the administration’s border policy will allow illegal aliens to pour into the country at the expense of taxpaying Americans and they have no intention of letting that stand.

“At this very moment, massive numbers of aliens are arriving at our southern border, threatening to incapacitate our already overwhelmed immigration system,” Sanders said. Yet now, a single district judge has issued a nationwide temporary restraining order preventing the executive branch from performing its Constitutional duty to enforce our borders and control entry into the United States.”

“This decision will open the floodgates, inviting countless illegal aliens to pour into our country on the American taxpayer’s dime,” she added.

The Trump administration believes that the decision by Judge Jon Tigar, an Obama-appointed San Francisco judge, “is contrary to well-established Federal Law, the Attorney General’s and Secretary of Homeland Security’s discretion under the Immigration and Nationality Act, and the President’s own Constitutional and statutory authority.”

Trump lashed out at the judgment saying that it’s “not the law” and “not what this country stands for.”

“I think it’s a disgrace when every case gets filed in the 9th Circuit,” the president said Tuesday. “That’s not law, that’s not what this country stands for. Every case that gets filed in the 9th Circuit, we get beaten and then we end up having to go to the Supreme Court, like the travel ban, and we won.”

Progressive activist judges, especially in California district courts and the far-left 9th circuit, have continually sought to modify Federal Law and Constitutional principals with temporary restraining orders (TRO’s) and injunctions, most to be set aside at the Supreme Court. In fact, the left-wing extremists on the 9th circuit have had their ruling overturned by the Supreme Court more times than any other appeals court in the nation. The Trump administration has no intention of letting a progressive judge obstruct the law, especially where the sovereignty of the nation is at stake.

“This temporary injunction is yet another example of activist judges imposing their open borders policy preferences, which are rejected by the overwhelming majority of the American people, and interfering with the executive branch’s authority to administer the immigration system in a manner that ensures the Nation’s safety, security, and the rule of law,” Sanders pointed out. “We will take all necessary action to defend the executive branch’s lawful response to the crisis at our southern border.”

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  1. If Americans simply understood our Constitution and how our Republic is supposed to work the 9th Circuit would be a non-factor. Republican form of Gov’mt is a mixed form of Gov’mt and in our case – a Constitutional Republic – there are 4 tenants and 4 majorities segmented into 3 Branches. The purpose for this is to divide power so that each branch has its own specific authority and power to check the other two branches in order to prevent any branch to gain the upper hand and rule over the rest. (Which today the Judiciary is WAY out of line and apparently the most powerful branch – WRONGLY so!!!)

    The Purpose of the Judiciary Branch is to adjudicate the Law in pursuant of the Constitution and when they rule contrary to the Constitution the other 2 Branches have the duty to step up and nullify such ruling by A) the Congress to defund that Judicial District or impeach a Justice and B) the Executive to not enforce or even ignore any such unconstitutional rulings.

    President Trump is fully within his authority to deploy whatever means at his disposal to Protect the United State from foreign invasion. The 9th Circuit is the servant of the Judiciary Branch that is compelled by the Oath each Justice takes in order to serve on that court. For them to make unconstitutionally rulings is a violation of their oath and would the President not only ignore their ruling but sue them for breech of faith and have them removed!

    Mr. President – DO YOU JOB and Stop caving to the usurpation of power by the Judiciary Branch!!!


    Oh – I’m sorry. If any reader is simpleton democrat, without the brains to understand what a republic is then no wonder you love democracy (even a fool understands “majority rule” but it takes brains to understand a republic!). BTW, the majority of the people are opposed to Amnesty and these caravans just flooding into our Nation. So – on the basis of “democracy” – shouldn’t democracy stand? Or is democracy only viable when the majority wants what YOU want; G-D (to HELL) hypocrites!!!

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