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Various Types of Art Therapy Mediums – Essentials to Know

Art therapy is a proven mode of psychotherapy, which involves the actualization of free individual self-expression through various art mediums like music, drawing, painting, or sculpting, etc. This is now a proven diagnostic or remedial therapeutic approach adopted by many psychologists.

The core objective of art therapy is to help people to get their issues solved through expressing their self artistically to manage their behaviors and emotions. This will also help reduce depression or stress and also improve their confidence and self-esteem.

There is no need for an individual to possess high artistic skills to get the benefits of art therapy. Some skilled professionals can work with troubled individuals and dive into their underlying problems communicated through art and use various artistic mediums to expedite healing.

Art therapy objectives

The objective of art therapy may be different for different types of people. From a therapist point of view, art therapy is now used for:

  • Diagnosis.

  • Counseling

  • Treatment,

  • Healing

  • Rehabilitation, and

  • Psychotherapy etc.

In a broader sense, art therapy is a scientific method to massage the inner-self of an individual to gain a deeper understanding of one’s actual self.

Various types of art therapy

There are several different types of art therapies practiced by various types of professionals across the globe. Here, we will discuss a few most popular methods.

Music therapy

From time immemorial, music has remained a very close human phenomenon among various types of Art Mediums. Studies showed music to be a unique sensory experience, which can stimulate all area of the brain at a time. The human brain has a natural sensitivity to good music, and it can initiate potential new neuro pathways.

Music Therapy is found to be highly beneficial as it directly affects the emotional, cognitive, and physical functions of the human being and stimulates his or her abilities. With the newly understood concept of concept, music therapy is now a core strategy used in education, rehabilitation, and wellness programs.

Drawing/painting therapy

Do you think that picking up a pencil to doodle a figure or making a simple sculpture of clay can help relieve depression, stress, anxiety, or fear? Yes, it is proved to be so and going a step ahead, it also may help in diminishing pain or other adverse physical symptoms.

Art therapy nose uses simple artistic activities like drawing and painting to help individuals express their feelings and help them gain a sense of wellness and active. Such expressions help one to share their tangible ideas and feelings, which cannot always be expressed through words.

Digital art therapy

Compared to the above two, digital art therapy is a newly developed art therapy model, which takes the aid of modern technology media like digital graphics, illustrations, photography, films, etc. by the therapists.

In a broader sense, digital art involves any activity which includes a computer or digital media screen for generation of an image or music within the treatment context. Digital art therapy technologies no include the latest popular forms of technologies including apps, animation, gaming, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and digital storytelling, etc. to name a few.

Apart from these, there are many other specializations also in art therapy now like a collage, journaling, objects, art for children and the list go endless. Studies have also proven that various art forms have different effects based on the orientation of the clients and also the nature of the condition they are suffering.

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