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Say goodbye to fat and flab: Bring home the ultimate exercise bike

Have you ever been to a gym that does not have exercise bikes? Of course not. They have been around for ages, even before going to fitness studios became a thing. They found a place in urban homes, long before the invention of other glitzy training gadgets. After falling out of favor for a while, exercise bikes are back on track. You can again find them in spin classes, elite fitness studios and local gyms alike. Who knows? Maybe, even you have one in the attic gathering dust, looking more like a coat rack.

Why are exercise bikes making a major comeback?

Have you seen the new-age exercise bikes? They look nothing short of the contraptions NASA designs to scale the surface of Mars. They look glamorous, powerful and sleek. Additionally, they come with multiple customization options that make these exercise bikes ideal for a wide range of body weights, heights, postures and intensities. If you have recently popped in for a spin class at any of your local gym, you must have noticed the almost-full signup sheet for the class. That is the amount of craze the new-gen spin bikes have generated. Now, if you want to bring a slice of fitness to your home with the latest high-tech exercise bike, we see no downsides to the decision.

What is the benefit of having an exercise bike at home?

Having an exercise bike at home is an excellent alternative to going for runs and cycling outside in bad weather. You can easily find ellipticals under 1000 in the market. Setting the right resistance and impact can help you experience the same level of strain or work out as you would on an uphill road. Choosing the correct exercise bike model can bring the outdoors to your home. You can challenge yourself with new intensities, speeds, durations and resistance, every day, without exposing yourself to the dangers that the outdoors pose during severe weather.

No matter how serious we are about becoming fit, losing the extra flab and gaining some muscle, a score of gloomy days is enough to prevent us from heading to the gym. Not just that. The rainy days often find us at the local pubs, fast food joints or in front of the TV with our favorite snacks. It brings out the sloth is us that keeps us from getting leaner and hotter! With an exercising bike at home, you will have no more excuse to stay away from burning some calories. Even while watching your favorite TV show or movie rerun you can keep working those quads and glutes on the exercise bikes. Check out how to get one of these high-tech user-friendly exercising bikes for your home at

If you want to succeed at a fitness programme or meet a fitness goal, then you should always find an exercise that interests you. Some people prefer swimming during the warmer months and running during the winters; others prefer going to the gym irrespective of the weather. What form of exercise do you find intriguing? If you have a knack for aerobic workout routines and you love the refreshing feeling that cardio brings, and then you will surely love working these exercise bikes. They are gentle on the ankles and the knees, yet they exert enough force to build the muscles in the lower body of the user.

The different types of stationary bikes you must try

You might be wondering if there is a bike that’s good for your back problem or one that will minimize the impact on your knees. The truth is – there are useful exercise bike types for everyone’s need. Here’s a brief into of the different stationary bikes you can try to reach your goal –

Upright stationary bikes

These are the most common and popular kind since they allow you to multitask with your feet on the paddles. They resemble the street bikes and have a traditional bicycle seat. They are versatile, for example, you can use dumbbells to work your upper body while working your legs on the bike. They are easy to use and easy to store. They are also the most economical among all stationary bikes.

Recumbent stationary bikes

These have a laidback look about them, and they do not look like the typical bicycle on the roads at all. They might be significantly costlier than upright stationary bikes, but they are compact and suitable for all types of homes. They facilitate excellent cardio workouts due to their unique position. Additionally, they are stable and safer than the traditional upright stationary bikes.

Indoor cycle bikes

If you are gunning for the best indoor exercise possible on an exercising bike, then you have to check out the indoor cycle bikes. They are similar to the upright stationary bikes, but the mechanism is quite different. The handlebars of the indoor cycle bikes are parallel to their seat, and the user has to lean forward to use the bike optimally. These are the most excellent training equipment for cardio workouts in an indoor environment. They are quite straightforward to use and maintain.

Dual action stationary bikes

These are a little different from all other stationary bikes we have mentioned on this list. They provide the scope of a whole-body workout. Their unique structure minimizes the impact on the lower body joints. You may not want to work on your arms and legs on the same day. You can use the dual action stationary bike to work on your arms on Monday and Wednesday, and exercise your lower body on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

The modern stationary bikes come with several setup options. These are easy on joints, and the baby boomers are falling in love with exercising bikes all over again. If you are looking for something in common between the millennials and baby boomers, it is their love for spin classes. These bikes garner the attention and affection of all user groups since these stationary bikes are easier to use as compared to treadmills and elliptical cross trainers. Once you figure out how to customize the resistance and impact setups, you are good to get one for your home.

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