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Junk Cars- Tips for Selling and Getting Cash for Cars

A junk car sitting in your backyard or driveway rusting away is not making you any money and you can consider selling it for some cash. If you own an old car that you no longer need, you should seriously think about getting rid of it rather than leaving it to rot away in your backyard or driveway. When you leave a car to sit unused for months and years, bodies rust, things begin to deteriorate and you risk ending up with something that will be much harder to get rid of.

A junk car is likely to be in problematic condition, which is why you have opted to drive another one. Fortunately, you can still get some cash for your car even if half of it is missing or it is not running. There are various worthwhile options that you can explore if you want to know where and how you can make money by selling a junk car.

As Is

The option of ‘as is’ when selling cars is popular, including among car dealerships. You can advertise your car in a newspaper or on a particular platform for sale and classify it ‘as is’. It is important to ensure that potential buyers are aware that the car may have faults and point out any that you know about. This will prevent people from coming back to ask you to repair the faults for them. Visit Sell My Car Fast.


If there is a certain thing that resulted in taking your car off the road but the rest of the vehicle is in decent condition, parting out the car is a worthwhile consideration. This involves taking bits of the car off and selling them.

For example, the engine may have blown up or an accident occurred and was not worth repairing. Under such circumstances, most of the car may be untouched. The prices of accessories, including the smallest ones can be high.

  • The amount you can take off generally depends on your mechanical skills. Many people can take off parts such as the tires and wheels that can be recycled, seats, lenses and lights, radio unit, center console, wing mirrors and the battery.

  • It is advisable not to touch things such as the steering wheel that might have an airbag that inflate suddenly and seriously injure you. However, since you do not want to be stuck with a heap of rusting metal, it is a good idea to have a strategy in mind in order for someone else to take the rest of the car after the parts have been taken off.


Many junkyards are willing to come and take your car away and give you money for it as well. It is important to check beforehand to find out whether they can pick the car up after you take parts off because they usually make their money by selling car parts. You can also sell the car to the junkyard as it is without taking any parts off. You can search for junkyards online and find the ones that are nearest to you.

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