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Ecom, Amazon, Affiliate Internet Marketing Business Ideas and Opportunities

You may have already gotten tired of working for somebody else or you need an additional source of income, which is why you want to start an online business of your own. There are two ways to proceed with it. One is e-commerce, where you can either sell products that you made yourself or resell those manufactured by other businesses via your website or a platform like Amazon. The other is affiliate Internet marketing, where you only need to promote someone else’s product and earn a commission every time it gets sold.

But how can you turn your e-commerce or affiliate Internet business ideas into opportunities?

  1. Decide early on what business idea you want to pursue in the long run.

You’ll most likely come up with more than one idea when planning to start an online business. Perhaps you want to earn a cut from the sales of various health supplements you’re promoting to your website’s visitors after you tried them yourself and they delivered the expected results. Or perhaps you want to sell handmade woodcrafts on Amazon.

But not every business idea is a good one. So, choose carefully as to which one you want to chase for the entire duration of your stint as an entrepreneur. If you are fixated on one business idea out of all others you’ve come up with to the extent that you dream about it in your sleep, it may be your gut telling you to go ahead and pursue it.

  1. Do a dry run of your business idea.

Once you’ve settled on an online business idea that you want to pursue, you should test it out first. If you’re promoting health supplements to your website’s visitors, try moving only a handful of bottles to see if they’ll buy it or not. If you’re selling handmade woodcrafts on Amazon, start with a dozen baby cradles first so that you’ll see if mothers would buy from you.

Don’t go all in while you’re still starting with your online business, especially as you’ll want to minimize any losses you might incur in case your idea doesn’t work as planned.

  1. Consult entrepreneurs who have more experience than you.

Transforming an idea into an opportunity may cause you to get cocky and lose sight of your goals as to why you’re starting an online business. You don’t have to do business-related things on your own and learn the hard way all the time. You can ask for help from seasoned entrepreneurs as long as they aren’t in direct competition with you.

If you’re having trouble promoting your health supplements to your website’s visitors, you can consult a more experienced affiliate marketer with real experience in the same niche and seek advice from them as to how you can retool your marketing efforts. Do you have to limit your promotion of health supplements only to kid supplements? Or do you have to change your target market to senior citizens instead? The seasoned affiliate marketer can help you answer the questions that you have about running your business.

  1. Be open to potentially better business ideas.

Sometimes, an initially good online business idea can turn out to be a bad one after you performed a dry run of it. However, it doesn’t mean that you should pack up and quit chasing your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Instead, you should consider other ideas – even the ones that almost made it when you first thought of starting your online business.

Say that no one bought the dozen wooden baby cradles you made by hand and tried to sell on Amazon. You shouldn’t lose hope and say goodbye to doing online business. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a better shot at reselling pots and pans on the said e-commerce platform – not to mention that it takes less effort to become a reseller rather than make your own products to sell online.


Whether you plan to go the e-commerce route or the affiliate Internet marketing route, you’ll want to transform your business idea into an opportunity of a lifetime with the help of the above-listed tips. After all, you can’t afford to let all the sleepless nights you spent working on your business idea go to waste. You’ll also want to steer clear of scammers looking to profit from your business idea and then leave you financially unable to turn it into an opportunity. With online guides such as avoiding scams and fraudulent schemes that prey on newly established e-commerce or affiliate Internet marketing businesses like yours will be easy.

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