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Trump’s ‘Constant Assault’ Against The Media Is Working, Says ‘Morning Joe’ Panel


by Nick Givas

MSNBC’s Thursday “Morning Joe” panel said President Donald Trump’s “constant assault” against the media is working and is changing hearts and minds across the country.

“The one thing we can document and you can document it any number of ways is the president’s constant assault on the media, fake news, has really, really worked. It has sunk in all across the country,” said “Morning Joe” regular Mike Barnicle.

“There’s been a series of stories about the Supreme Court appointment that have appeared on television and in newspapers that have caused, I think, a lot of Americans in this polarized political atmosphere of ours to stop, pause and say, ‘Hey, this is just a bit too much,’” he added.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski also accused her media colleagues of being too emotional and said they’re letting their opinions override the truth.

“It’s not supposed to be how reporters feel and how media analysts feel at this point in a case like this,” Brzezinski said. “And it’s not even a case yet, although the FBI is looking into it. It’s a hearing. It’s a job interview.”

Brzezinski also said Brett Kavanaugh’s demeanor does not make him guilty of sexual assault.

“And what we saw and what I think is playing into this blowback you’re talking about is a lot of members of the media reacting emotionally,” she said. “Like, for example, did Brett Kavanaugh feel like maybe he was lying? Did it feel like maybe he was lying about drinking? Did it seem like maybe he was lying about blacking out? Did he seem like he was kind of a jerk? Did it seem like he was overly aggressive? Yes, sure, but that does not mean he did it.”

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