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Leftist Journalists Accuse Trump Of Killing A Journalist, While They Themselves Oversee The Death Of Journalism

Our beloved leftist, partisan press, after calling President Trump every nasty name in the book since he took office, is now insisting that a journalist of Arab origin, working for an American news agency and having disappeared under suspicious circumstances in Turkey, must be protected by our president, while at the same time these same journalists are naming the Trump administration as being responsible for the poor man’s apparent death, if not the actual cause of his death.

The blindness and total stupidity of American leftists is truly amazing, and the press takes the lead in astounding ignorance as to what they are doing to themselves and their profession.

Leftist journalists don’t just spike news that they don’t want American citizens to see and hear, they take efforts to assure that no word on these stories, dangerous to leftist rhetoric, ever sees the light of day. And while making these efforts to pretend that no policies or persons contrary to leftist positions exist, they undermine the very constitution that protects them and their profession. The constitution protects speech, but it doesn’t protect the silencing of, or just plain ignoring, conservative, anti-leftist positions.

Journalism as a profession is under threat from the very people who pretend to be journalists. Recently there was a story on a leftist cable channel complaining of practices by the Democrat Party that would likely harm them in the upcoming mid-term elections. So how can that cable channel make any pretense of being impartial when they not only act as cheerleaders for the radical Democrat party, but help them in developing winning political strategy?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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