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The Top 4 Extreme Haunted Attractions for 2018

Most Extreme Haunted Attractions in America: Spookywoods – Highpoint, NC; Thrillvania -Dallas, TX; House of Torment – Austin, TX; Beast – Kansas City, MO

Thrill-seekers are increasingly looking to push the boundaries of their senses – driving haunted attractions to create even more intense events. Fans feed the frenzy with their social media shares – making a visit to an extreme haunt a “must do”. America Haunts, a national association comprised of the leading haunted house professionals, has named the top four extreme haunted houses of 2018.

Extreme haunts strive to create an exhilarating experience using a mash-up of legendary haunt features and the latest frightening triggers to create a sensory overload. Some hair raising and nail-biting surprises include laser tag with the undead, spirited ziplines, and daring guests to jump out upper floor windows to escape terrifying cast members covered in stunningly realistic wounds and prosthetics.

The 2018 Extreme Haunts in the United States include:

  1. Spookywoods High Point, North Carolina: Spookywoods took the top spot given its use of multi-layered, fear-fetching, interactive features – including zombie laser tag, zip line, and a maze cut through 60′ tall Pine trees with clusters of themed, individual haunted houses along an eerily path.
  2. Thrillvania Dallas, Texas: Thrillvania takes the second spot for 2018 extreme haunts. This haunt has 50 acres of horror, using a variety of fright to cover the gauntlet. Internationally recognized for its elaborate sets, amazing actors, and over the top special effects.
  3. House of Torment Austin, Texas: House of Torment triples the horror with three new themed haunted attractions on their horror campus – with fully immersive entertainment to chill visitors down to their bones. The haunt also has laser shows, flying characters, mini escape rooms and storylines that could be ripped from reality including a virus that creates more than a plague.
  4. Beast Kansas City, Missouri: The Beast hails from the producers of the first, commercial haunted house nearly a half century ago. Beast’s victims claw through 4-stories of a nineteenth century building looking for ways to get out.  It deploys holograms, illusions, and has a real alligator to tear into one’s psyche. Visitors can choose to jump out of a second-story window or go down a multi-story slide to escape.

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