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The Left Rears Its’ Ugly Hypocritical Head at Judge Kavanaugh


All these women who believe this accuser without any proof are libs who don’t want Kavanaugh on the seat. They automatically believe her without any proof. Yet when Juanita Broderick came forward with her rape claim against Clinton with proof with a photo of her and Bill on the same day and a witness who saw her right after all disheveled and a swollen lip they were quick to denounce her and said that happened so long ago. Not with this one though. The left is so hypocritical. This whole charade is about Roe V Wade and to stop Trump. This is all about political hardball: Democrats could have vetted this allegation months ago without public hysteria instead of waiting for the last minute.

Democrats on Tuesday proved they’re not out to carefully consider Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. They just want to use it as the pretext to keep the circus running for weeks.

Led by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, they’re now demanding a long, drawn-out investigation into Ford’s sexual-assault allegation. But what’s to investigate? She can’t give a specific time and place for the event; is the FBI supposed to track down everyone who attended a high-school party in the DC suburbs in 1982?

Juanita Broaddrick, an ardent Trump supporter who was raped by Bill Clinton, was hesitant to believe the allegations made against Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford, however. She cited Ford’s timing and lack of firm details in her retelling of the account.

“They wanted the sensationalism in the 11th hour,” Broaddrick said of Senate Democrats sitting on the sexual misconduct allegation throughout Kavanaugh’s lengthy confirmation hearing, “This woman came forward and they held it till now. This is a weaponization of the sexual assault.”

Broaddrick compared Ford’s retelling of the experiences with her own traumatic experience. “When I went through her accounting of what had happened, I cannot imagine not knowing where you were and who was there and when it happened. I remember everything that had happened to me. Friends found me immediately after the rape and witnessed the condition I was in. I remember all the specifics, the exact time it happened, 8:30 in the morning.”


“As I watch what is happening now I think, my goodness the double standard,” Broaddrick said of the Kavanaugh allegations, “I saw the media sit on my story and question my allegations. The media downgraded the most horrific event of my life. The Me Too movement has never accepted the Clinton Survivors of the sexual assault. They have never acknowledged me or Kathleen Willey or Paula Jones. They want nothing to do with us.”

Multiple psychologists disagree on how memory is stored and recalled after a traumatic experience.

One memory that is clear as day for Broaddrick was what she said to Clinton years later when he attempted to apologize to her after announcing his candidacy for president.

“I told him, ‘You go to hell.’”

Below is a clear accounting and description of Christine Blasey Ford circulating around social media. She was offered to appear before the Judiciary Committee on Monday either in an open forum or closed door. At first, she agreed, but now she wants the FBI to investigate. Brett Kavanaugh has been investigated six times already by the FBI and there is no need to further another investigation.

CristineBalseyFord desriptionRepublicans have made clear they’re prepared to treat Ford’s allegations seriously and allow her to be heard, publicly or privately. But Ford’s lawyer says the FBI must investigate the claims first.

Former FBI assistant director Chris Swecker told CNN that the accusation against Brett Kavanaugh would not hold up in court.

Swecker was asked a series of questions about the scope of potential FBI involvement with the recent sexual misconduct against the Supreme Court nominee. Kavanaugh is facing an allegation of sexual misconduct in the 11th hour of his confirmation process from Christine Blasey Ford, who has publicly accused him of assaulting her 36 years ago when they were both teenagers. Kavanaugh has forcefully denied the allegation, as has others who were allegedly present during the sexual misconduct.

Swecker said that the FBI had no business looking into the 36-year-old allegation. “The FBI has no independent jurisdiction to open up a standalone investigation of rape allegations or assault allegations that may have taken place 36 years ago,” Swecker said, “That is a local crime. Unless it involves a federal official or on federal land or has some federal nexus, there’s just jurisdiction to do it.”

Host Brooke Baldwin asked about the facts of the case and how law enforcement could prosecute with so few details. “How would you even go about investigating something like this?” Baldwin asked, “Because clearly she remembers what she says specifically happened to her, but she doesn’t remember where it happened. She doesn’t remember when it happened. How do you investigate with so few details available?”

“But it’s all fairly thin. None of this would hold up in court,” Swecker said bluntly.

The CNN host noted that Kavanaugh had already gone through six FBI background checks and asked what is in them.

“Well, these background checks are called special inquiries. They are very thorough,” Swecker said, “They talk to employers. They do criminal checks. They do broader checks of public information that is out there. They interview people who have relevant information: associates, social network, people who are part of their social penumbra. These are the most thorough background checks that you can possibly do.”

A woman named Christina king Miranda who claims she knew Ms. Ford and Kavanaugh recently tweeted and posted on her Facebook  page that she graduated from Holton Arms, that she knew both Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser Christine Blasey Ford, and that she remembered the alleged incident being “spoken about for days afterwords [sic] in school.” She subsequently deleted the tweet:

Her tune has changed pretty considerably:

To all media, I will not be doing any more interviews. No more circus. To clarify my post: I do not have first-hand knowledge of the incident that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford mentions, and I stand by my support for Christine. That’s it. I don’t have more to say on the subject.

— Cristina King Miranda (@reinabori) September 19, 2018

Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens accuses the left of politicizing sexual assault to stop the Supreme Court nominee. “This is the most disgusting behavior by the Left,’ Owens said recently, “We have reached the peak of lunacy with the left. They will stop at nothing to delay and even cancel Brett Kavanaugh and they must he held accountable for this disgusting behavior.”

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  1. The more the left goes off the rails the more they reveal their true intentions.

    The basic components over this parade of desperate insanity are thus;

    1) First and foremost, oppose all things Trump.

    2) OPPOSE Conservative Justices – preserve government funded abortion; a – American born citizens pose the risk of being Americanist voters – so destroy them while they are still “inconvenient tissue” – Untermensch. b – open borders to replace American conservative voters with illegal migrants who were raised in socialism and quite willing to vote for socialists who give them stuff.

    3) The long road to tearing down the Republic and replacing it with pure Democracy – very bad!; a – the 14th Amendment incorporated the several States under the Federal Government. b – the 17th Amendment stripped the several States of their suffrage to the federal government (by this the progressive left took the Representation of the States and gave it to the People as a second Representation of the People (strengthening “Democracy”). b – With Roe v. Wade the Left affectively politicized the Supreme Court and transformed it from Representation of the Law to a battle field of the Peoples WILL! (More “Democracy”!). c – the left is now working to destroy the final Representation of the Executive to the Federal Government; the Electoral College. If they can overturn Trump’s presidency they do away with the Electoral College and thereby easily elect their Strong Man as our first TRUE dictator! The Republic will be destroyed!!!

    Understand this – Republican forms of government are REPRESENTATIVE forms of government. Our founders knew Democracy as a violent, short term, stepping stone, where the majority ALWAYS oppresses the minority and soon learns it can vote itself money from the national treasury. Democracies are a quick, violent march to Oligarch and Tyranny!!! The left is so CLOSE to their goal of destroying the Hated Republic they are INSANE with RAGE and indignation that THEIR WILL and vision of a ONE WORLD ORDER is hugely at risk – they will stop at NOTHING to get it!!!!!

    Who of us should be surprised at any of this?

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