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Friend Of Julie Swetnick’s Casts Doubt On Claims She Made In 1994 Lawsuit


by Chuck Ross

  • Julie Swetnick, who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, claimed in a 1994 lawsuit against the Washington, D.C. Metro that she lost modeling jobs after injuring her nose in a 1992 incident. 
  • But a friend of Swetnick’s who she listed as one of her employers says that he never hired Swetnick.
  • The revelation comes after The Daily Caller News Foundation reported that Swetnick was sued by a former employer in 2000 and accused of “unwelcome, sexually suggestive conduct.” 

A friend of Julie Swetnick, the woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of being present at parties where gang rapes occurred, is disputing a claim that she made in a personal injury lawsuit she filed in 1994.

Swetnick claimed in the lawsuit, filed against the Washington Metro Transit Authority that she lost $420,000 in income after injuring her nose during a fall on a train in 1992.

Swetnick, who is being represented by attorney Michael Avenatti, claimed to be an actress and model at the time and said she lost “numerous modeling commitments” because of her injury.

But a man who Swetnick listed as a witness who would provide evidence of her lost wages is disputing key claims she made in the lawsuit.

Swetnick listed a company called “Konam Studios” to support her claim of lost wages. She listed Nam Ko as an owner of the company.

But Ko told the Associated Press that he did not own a studio and that he never hired Swetnick for modeling work.

He also told the AP that he met Swetnick more than a year after she allegedly injured her nose.

“I didn’t have any money back then. I (was) broke as can be,” Ko said.

He told the AP that he vaguely remembered Swetnick asking him to be a “character reference,” but believed it was for a job application and not a lawsuit.

Swetnick came forward Wednesday claiming that she saw Kavanaugh at parties in the early 1980s where girls were gang-raped. In a declaration released by Avenatti, Swetnick claimed that Kavanaugh and his friend spiked punch at the parties so that they could target female victims.

Kavanaugh would have been in high school at the time of the alleged incident, while Swetnick had already graduated.

Swetnick became the third woman to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct during his high school and college years. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a house party when he was 17 and she was 15. A Yale classmate of Kavanaugh’s claimed that he put his penis in her face during a dorm room party in 1983.

Kavanaugh has denied the allegations. He called Swetnick’s claims a “farce” during a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

Swetnick made shocking allegations against Kavanaugh, but Swetnick also has one of the more troubled history of the Kavanaugh accusers.

As The Daily Caller News Foundation first reported on Friday, Swetnick was accused by a former employer of engaging in “unwelcome, sexually suggestive conduct” in meetings with male colleagues.

The company, Webtrends, also claimed in a November 2000 lawsuit that Swetnick lied on her resume by falsely claiming that she had a degree from Johns Hopkins University.

Swetnick was also slapped with a restraining order in 2001 by an ex-boyfriend. Richard Vinneccy claimed that Swetnick threatened him and his family after they broke up following a four-year relationship.

“She’s not credible. Not at all,” Vinneccy told Politico, which first reported the restraining order.

Avenatti has dismissed all of the allegations against Swetnick, claiming that they are irrelevant to her allegations about Kavanuagh.

“This is all hearsay … None of this is relevant, not one bit,” he told the AP regarding her 1994 lawsuit.

He told TheDCNF that the 2000 lawsuit against Swetnick was “bogus.”

Avenatti and Swetnick have claimed that other witnesses will support her allegations about Kavanaugh, but none have turned up so far. The Wall Street Journal contacted dozens of former classmates and colleagues of Swetnick’s but was unable to corroborate her story.

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