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Democrats Establish a New Low-Bar Norm For Violent Behavior

No one can have forgotten the Bernie Sanders supporter who last year shot up the Republican House baseball team at a park in Alexandria, Virginia, wounding several Representatives and nearly killing Steve Scalese. The liberal media let this particular shooting slide with little coverage, and there was absolutely no coverage of how violent and deranged Democrats have become since Donald Trump became the Republican candidate for president, and especially since he won the election against Hillary and began undoing Obama’s big-government paradise, as he promised to do during the campaign.

Even the “anonymous” NYT story, which was supposedly from a member of the Trump White House staff, admitted that most of President Trump’s initiatives and policies have been good for America and Americans, so why have the fake press and Democrat politicians been reporting how mean Trump is and how he wants to kill Americans and wants to starve people he disagrees with and wants to yank children from the arms of their mothers and is undermining long-held traditions of our nation?

I ask this question because all of the misbehavior and violence we’ve seen since Trump entered the presidential race in 2016 has come from the left, not from Republicans. Hillary hired union thugs to attack Trump supporters during the presidential campaign; Obama’s DOJ and the FBI illegally generated false documents abusive of Trump and proceeded to use them to defeat candidate Trump in the 2016 election, and still use them today in the Russia/collusion investigation; fools like Maxine Waters repeatedly stir up anger at Trump and his staff and encourages her followers to confront them; leftist news panels talk of how horrible Republicans are with their murderous policies and the suffering that the mean Republicans are causing for Americans, especially blacks and Hispanics, thereby encouraging and justifying attacks on the evil, deserving Republicans.

Then yesterday (September 11, 2018) we got word that a crazy California man with a switchblade knife attacked a Republican running for the US Congress. Let me guess how thoroughly this type of violent action is being covered by CNN and MSNBC: probably not at all. And with the attack on the baseball field last year and now this outrage of a knife attack, both of these violent, potentially fatal acts committed by Democrats on Republicans, one would think that the liberal press would draw the conclusion that Democrats are out of their minds with all of the lies, attacks and accusations they heap on the followers of President Trump, but they don’t.

The Republican who was attacked is running to unseat Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell who is the current member of the house from that district and is himself one of the biggest liars on the political scene today and proposes and holds attitudes that only an insane person could hold. I’ll bet that Mr. Swallwell has not condemned violent attacks on Republican politicians, because from what I’ve seen and heard of him, he’s probably taking lessons from Maxine Waters on how to confront and intimidate Republicans in order to keep them out of office so a Democrat majority can impeach President Trump following the 2018 election.

Democrats are the party of violence and unconstitutional motivations and must be kept out of any public office forever. When you realize that shooting and knifing their opponents are how Germany’s National Socialist party got rid of competition and political opposition and was able to take control of the government in the 1930s, you begin to realize that the new, violent norm for political behavior that Democrats have embraced is a clear and present danger to America and our liberty. Without a concerted effort from the Democrat party and the lying press to stop violent reactions to anything Republicans do, there will be no end to it.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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