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Who Has the Upper Hand: Conservative or Liberal Students?

A debate rages between conservatives and liberals:  who is more prepared to succeed after graduating from college. Walking through a college campus, liberals tend to shut down opposing views and test their own ideas in echo chambers. Conservatives tend to entertain and debate ideas different than their own.

Various scholars, political figures, and academics debate this idea, each of them coming with their pro and con arguments. But, what are the differences between liberals and  conservatives, and does it make success after college more or less probable?

In a way, conservative and liberal students have one thing in common – all of them want freedom. They want a chance to be successful in life. The only difference lies in their definitions of success and their ideas about how this should be achieved.

Conservatives vs. Liberals: What’s the Difference?

Quite often this topic itself is selected as the main focus of political research papers amongst college students for their in-class assignment. By understanding the key differences between the two, one can have a realistic assessment of why conservative students gain the upper hand. Thus, by perfecting skills as essay writers early on, they have the ability to work in multiple professional fields post-graduation.

Conservatives believe that each has his/her power and that everyone should rely on themselves. They believe in individual liberty, limited government, and personal responsibility.

A conservative person believes that the government is only there to protect their rights so that they can pursue their own goals unhindered. In a way, one could say that their beliefs are very liberal, in a classical sense.

Liberals, on the other hand, believe that the government should work in achieving equality for every individual. The government should handle social ills, human rights, and sure that no one is in need.

Long story short, liberals believe the government should solve everyone’s problems for them, while conservatives prefer to solve these problems on their own.

The Difference in Belief

Many people, including essay writers, who do not know what conservatism is, would say that conservatives are biased. However, some conservative beliefs are way more “liberal” than any modern liberal might think.

Conservatives, believe that everyone should succeed or fail based on their ability and willingness to work. They think that if preferential treatment is applied, or true competition taken out of the equation, then less skilled, able or hard-working individuals may be rewarded simply because they belong to some favored group. Conservatives tend to accept others based on the strength of their character – which is the opposite of what many people seem to think nowadays especially liberal essay writers – like this one who thinks that neo-liberalism is “evolutionarily novel.”

Liberals usually support such social welfare programs and higher taxes to finance them, and conservatives usually oppose them.

Defined as such, liberalism is evolutionarily novel.  Humans (like other species) are evolutionarily designed to be altruistic toward their genetic kin, their friends and allies, and members of their deme (a group of intermarrying individuals) or ethnic group.  They are not designed to be altruistic toward an indefinite number of complete strangers whom they are not likely ever to meet or interact with.

What Makes Conservative Essay Writers Smarter

Liberals are “liberal” mainly because they have “liberated” themselves of the troubles brought by their society. The government is supposed to fix things for them – so all they have to do is have the government notice their problems and fix them.

Some clear examples here are the strikes against the governments of various countries. When a group of liberal students is dissatisfied with the way a government works, they will try to have another government take over – but most of the time, this government is unknown. A conservative party, on the other hand, will put the government in the background – and try to find a solution on their own.

The problem is that liberals have a flexible way of thinking that mostly applies to a particular moment. Many essay writers argue that liberal students don’t think about the future; they think about what they can do now. A conservative student, on the other hand, will think about their life at 50 years old – and they will analyze every step they need to do to get there.

So Who Will Fare Better After College?

If someone is attending college to prepare themselves for a life of altruism, perhaps liberals’ utopian views and supposed love of everyone might set them up better for success. Unfortunately, neo-liberalism’s disdain for any idea outside its core will lead to weakness. Without diversity of thought, monolithic, unimaginative tactics will become the answer to all problems – and it will their solutions will continue to rely on massive government enterprises and redistribution of assets.

Conservatism centers on competition and personal responsibility. Those qualities will push a job seeker to strengthen their weaknesses and go after better opportunities, not wait for a government program or regulation to provide them that opportunity.

Concluding Remarks

The job market is competitive and it always will be. Those willing to take on the responsibility to strengthen themselves will win the best jobs. That’s natural law.

Liberals push ideas like “Universal Basic Income”, which encourage laziness instead of personal responsibility. What happens when the government decides that last month’s UBI check is more than citizens need? Without the skills to compete in the economy, those people will be left no recourse but to continue feeding on the scraps from the government’s table.

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One Comment

  1. Excellent observations, Thomas. The terms “liberal” and “conservative” are both rather vague and very much relative to time and place in which they are referenced. In 1955 Soviet Union a conservative was a communist who wished to keep things the way they “are”, in 1955, while a liberal in the U.S. was a communist who wanted to change things to socialism. At their clinical core liberalism is the desire to change everything – for the sake of change – while conservatism wishes to keep things the same – even if only a short time earlier they opposed that “liberal” idea which has now become part of the status quo. The two terms are each based on conditions of the moment – NOT upon any particular set of principles.

    There are two terms that better describe what you’ve descussed as liberal and conservative. These terms are based upon actual principles of ideas and in both cases the ultimate force of Truth. They are Americanism and Communism. Americanism is much what you’ve described as a “conservative”. You can review the Principles of Americanism as written in our Declaration of Independence. These principles are rooted in history and have their origin can be identified in ancient Hebrew doctrine. They are Judeo Christian in principle and can be summed up as Natural Law, self-evident Truth, and the human being’s compulsion to seek that which is greater than himself to know that he is right.

    The most successful form of Communism was the Medieval Feudal Estate. The Feudal System endured from about the 5th Century AD to as late as the 19th Century. Communism opposes the idea that all men are created equal and believes that some human beings deserve to be masters while most human beings need to be connected to these Natural Superiors as slaves. Communism arose in the 19th Century as the violent version of Socialism (and that violent element is the only difference between Communism and Socialism) but as a modern doctrine it can point to May 1st 1776, in Bavaria, when Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati. A glance at Karl Marx’ communist planks and those set forth by Weishaupt reveal they are essentially identical.

    Communism (and equally socialism of any variety) is an anti-human doctrine that offers promises that are all Lies (you cannot tell a lie except that there is some Truth to tell it about). It fundamentally opposes Natural Law and embraces the belief that all men are NOT created at all, but have evolved to different degrees – that some humans are superior to other humans. It ignores the evidence of human Nature as a constant.

    Americanism embraces Natural Law and the core idea that equality is bound to the very fact that all human beings are Equally Human. No one is more human or less human than any other human and the only way to serve justice and treat all human beings to equal opportunity and equal justice is to make everyone as responsible for himself as possible. Americanism recognizes our natural, unalienable rights to choose, to defend our own lives and property and our equal share in Justice. Americanism recognizes that Rights are granted by our very nature as we were created and that all other rights – those granted by other human beings are NOT rights but privileges. God alone, thru our human nature, granted our rights. No man can grant rights – only privileges.

    Classic Liberalism is much closer to Americanism and Neo Liberalism is based upon a pack of lies!

    Jesus Christ said “…Love your God with all of your heart”. Actual Truth IS that God. We know that we are right only when we seek and find the Truth in ANY matter. He also said “…Love your neighbor as yourself”. You cannot love your neighbor any better than to stand up for and protect his natural unalienable rights as if they were your own – because they ARE your own!

    Governments, being necessary to provide law as the force to every human beings’ Right to protect his own life and property, are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Americanism say governments serve men in order to protect their rights. Communism says men serve government – the State – for the greater good. Maybe that would work if men were angels….

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