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War Zone: 40 People Shot in Chicago Over the Weekend

A weekend of madness in Chicago resulted in over 40 people shot, four fatally, officials report.

The Chicago Tribune reported that during one period of fewer than three hours, 25 people were shot.

Three people were shot Friday evening, 14 were shot Saturday, 47 were shot Sunday and six were shot early Monday, capping off the weekend, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

The city of Chicago experienced a violent night,” said Police Patrol Chief Fred Waller at a news conference addressing the violence Sunday. Chicago has recorded more than 300 murders in 2018, more than any other U.S. city reports USA Today.

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During the news conference on Sunday Waller stressed that the total number of shootings is down 25 percent from a year ago.

“By no means do these statistics mean we have a victory,” Waller said. “But I promise you we won’t be defeated … by a small element committing these reckless acts.”

In Chicago, 1,691 people have been shot this year. That is 532 fewer than 2017 according to the Chicago Tribune crime team. Of the 1,691 shootings occurring in 2018 in Chicago 318 of them have been fatal.

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