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Testing The Theory That Blacks Cannot Be Racists

I believe it was that corporate shake-down artist, Jesse Jackson, who placed the blame for racism squarely on the shoulders of whites, using the flawed logic that only whites have power, and it’s that power that enables them to practice racism.

If it is indeed power that enables one person to be a racist, and it’s a lack of power that prevents another from being a racist, then I don’t see how any liberal can escape the recent policy of the black-controlled government in South Africa voting to take the property of white farmers. At times, even killing those farmers who would not sell to the government.

If American liberals think that running a nation’s government and having that government vote to eliminate those of a different skin color from possessing land that has been in their families for at decades isn’t racism, then they’re not thinking straight and Mr. Jackson’s definition of racism must be wrong.

Even such a dedicated opponent of racism as our beloved Barack Obama cannot see the racism flowing from the black government in South Africa, because Mr. Obama made a speech there a few weeks ago and did nothing but praise the government for its initiatives, with no mention of racial prejudice. But Mr. Obama always found a way to complain about the rampant racism in America, even as he got a plurality of white votes which allowed him to become president of the United States for two terms.

Persons of a certain intelligence level can understand what Jesse Jackson meant about blacks as a minority having little power with which to discriminate against another racial group, but people of good intent can also see that South Africa has become a racist nation and must be identified as such. Hate at any level is a bad thing, and it must be opposed.

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