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Socialism Is Bad For America


Today’s democrat party is becoming more and more socialistic. In fact, Hillary and Obama had a 16 year plan to make this country into a socialist state if she got in. Obama did his part with reducing our status in the global community and weaken us. He reduced our credit rating by two points, he reduced our military to pre- WW11 status, he caused many of our companies to relocate overseas due to high taxes and went around saying how it was wrong for us to be No.1 in the world and we should be like everyone else. She was going to finish us off and write a whole new constitution.


Young millennials mostly favor socialism and are misguided by the attraction of everything being free, free education, free housing, free Medicare for everyone, free hospitalization,  free everything and they fall for it. Their latest hero is this young Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who flashes around socialist rhetoric like it’s going out of style, but is not too bright. Some have called her the face of the new democrat party.

The Washington Post fact-checked several of her claims and found them all to be false:

1.“Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. Unemployment is low because people are working 60, 70, 80 hours a week and can barely feed their family.” — July interview on PBS’ “Firing Line.”

2. “ICE is the only criminal investigative agency, the only enforcement agency in the United States, that has a bed quota. So ICE is required to fill 34,000 beds with detainees every single night and that number has only been increasing since 2009.” — May interview with The Intercept

3. “They [national Democrats] were campaigning most when we had more of an American middle class. This upper-middle class is probably more moderate but that upper-middle-class does not exist anymore in America.” — August interview on “Pod Save America”

A recent article on a website called Patriot Poll Alerts had a good explanation of socialism:

Socialism is about as un-American as a political philosophy can get. A system that puts the government in control instead of the people, abolishes economic freedom, and replaces God with the State is wrong for a free, Christian country.

America was founded on freedom and the right of every individual to pursue their own dreams. Socialism, by contrast, makes everyone into a slave of the state.

Socialism’s goal — total equality of outcome — is impossible without entrusting the state with totalitarian powers to reshape society.

Socialist philosophy is atheist and anti-family at its core. According to socialist philosophers, basic social structures like the church and the family are oppressive and need to be abolished.

Socialism is also plain bad economics. Centrally planned economies aren’t flexible enough to respond to the ups and downs of the market.

It’s not a surprise then that every example of a socialist society that has ever been tried has turned out to be a dismal failure. Millions died in Soviet Russia and Mao’s China because of socialism’s backward economics principles.

Everything about socialism is backward, and it ends up leaving citizens less free than they began. Socialism promises paradise on earth, but what actually happens is that a small bureaucratic elite takes control of the economy and oppresses the vast majority of the citizens, who become serfs to the government.

Socialism doesn’t work because it makes assumptions about human nature that are false. Human beings are flawed. People have different levels of talent, different characters, and put in different amounts of effort into their work. They will take advantage of a system that rewards everyone equally for unequal work.

C hurchil on socialaism

Socialism is perhaps the only ideology that Americans are asked to judge solely based on its piddling “successes.” Don’t you dare mention Albania or Algeria or Angola or Burma or Congo or Cuba or Ethiopia or Laos or Somalia or Vietnam or Yemen or, well, any other of the dozens of other inconvenient places socialism has been tried. Not when there are a handful of Scandinavian countries operating generous welfare state programs propped up by underlying vibrant capitalism and natural resources.

Socialism is a godless, slavish philosophy that has made every country it was tried in a miserable place. It only leads to misery and destitution. It doesn’t belong in the United States.


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