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Rush Limbaugh: The Left Wants to Destroy America, Not Improve America

On his nationally syndicated radio program, host Rush Limbaugh asserted Thursday that American progressives want to divide the people by class and race and that we’re not currently in an argument over how to make America better but in an argument about how to save America.

Rush stated, “It’s interesting. Lenin and the communists wanted to divide us by class. Hitler and the Nazis wanted to divide us by race and today the American progressives want to divide us by both. We’re not in an argument over how to make America better. We’re in an argument about how to save America.”

During his Thursday show, Limbaugh was asked by a caller:

Real quick, as you’re talking about the evolution of the election process, or maybe even the elimination of it, It reminded me that our gerrymandering process is being called into question during this time also. I’m curious. Do you think that we will evolve or move to more of a demographic-based minimum representation in Congress based on race, color, age, sexual preference, rather than an assumed representation geographically?

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Limbaugh responded:

“Oh, I think we already are, and we have been for a while. I’ll take you back to the first of many Years of the Woman. All that was was a brand-new number of women running for the Senate, and then some of them got elected. We had more women in the Senate than ever, and that year was called the Year of the Woman, and the belief behind it was that only women can accurately, properly represent other women!

“It was that the balance of power in the Senate between men and women was unfair. There weren’t nearly enough women in there representing their percentage of the population. This has been underway for the longest time, and I don’t doubt that it’s gonna continue this way. Whether the Constitution will be rewritten or amended to change it? That’s a whole another thing. But identity politics is clearly pushing this idea that we cannot unify: It’s impossible; we’re too different, and we can’t bridge gaps.

“My point about identity politics earlier, it’s actually the ideal way to divide us, because identity politics is expressly devoted to our differences. You add to the reality of our differences that all but one group are a bunch of victimized minorities, then you have the recipe for anger and resentment, then you can foster hatred, then you can create bullies and violence, angry mobs. And all of that is happening. But all of this is just the beginning. This is not the end. The left never offers solutions to anything.”

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