Liberals Are So Hateful And Thoughtless That They Endanger Their Own Future And Wellbeing

How many American liberals, the concerned people they pretend to be, have given their money or even their homes to a Native American tribe because the property was stolen from the Native Americans by their great, great, great grandparents?

Similarly, how many liberals have given a vacation property, a farm or their home to an American black family because the wealth that bought the property was accumulated on the backs of slaves by the liberal’s forebears, or the forebears of other whites whose families owned slaves?

These self-absorbed, self-justifying, hypocritical liberals who pretend to care so much about the unfortunate among us, and who carry on as though they are concerned about injustice in ancient history, are applauding, or at least remaining silent, about the government of South Africa’s new policy of taking farms away from South African white citizen farmers. Sometimes government “helpers” even kill the farmers in the effort, because their forebears “took” the property from African tribal blacks. The black government’s policy is racist and should be condemned by liberals who pretend to hate racism yet practice it at every turn.

The fact that the ancient African tribes of 100 years ago were not farming the land or using the property for any real purpose, and the fact that these current white farmers are actually providing the food that is feeding residents of South Africa, both black and white, is never taken into consideration by the African government nor by liberals in general.

Liberals never stop to realize that Zimbabwe, which stole farms from whites 30 years ago, went from being one of the wealthiest, most comfortable nations in Africa, to a third-world state that is now unable to feed itself with the racist government running the farms.

American liberals are racists of the worst kind because they cause or abet suffering with every decision they make. Zimbabwe is now an impoverished nation; Cuba went from being a wealthy, comfortable nation to being an impoverished, enslaved nation under Communism; Venezuela went from being the wealthiest nation in its area to seeing its citizens lose weight every year due to a lack of food and with a one-million percent inflation rate on the horizon under a socialist regime; and American liberals from Sanders to Cortez insist that Socialism is the way for America to move. These fools couldn’t be more wrong, which is the usual circumstance with liberals.

What the government of South Africa is doing to its farmers is racism pure and simple, but American liberals are themselves too racist to put that name to it.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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