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Cohen’s Guilty Plea Will Help Him, Not Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller won’t get much out of Michael Cohen’s guilty plea, but Cohen already has.

Cohen pleaded guilty to 5 counts of tax fraud and 2 counts of campaign finance violations. The mainstream media, led by CNN, reported only on the campaign finance counts which are irrelevant in the overall witch hunt against Trump. Why was that?

Mueller was able to force Cohen to ‘cop a plea’ because of the tax evasion charges. Each one carries up to 3 years in prison which would have landed Trump’s former lawyer in the slammer for up to 15 years with significant fines. Instead, Mueller offered him 3 years for all 7 charges, but why?

Cohen would never have laid down for just the campaign violations. Honestly, the charges were weak and the case even weaker. Mueller needed Cohen to eat the campaign charges so he gave ‘lyin’ Mike’ a sweetheart deal on the tax stuff so he’d plea to the trumped up (no pun intended) campaign charges in hopes of pushing the president into an interview. Well, thanks to Lanny Davis, Cohen’s attorney, lying to the media, that ain’t gonna’ happen – not ever.

Mueller is using tactics that work on average citizens with average counsel. Trump and his lawyers are neither. The case is built on witnesses with no credibility, a FISA warrant built on a fake dossier and work done by now-fired FBI personnel. It’s a trash case and Mueller knows it.

So why does Robert Mueller push on?

Mueller is doing his best to protect several now-discredited members of the FBI in hopes of salvaging his own reputation. It’s not going to happen. He knew how corrupt the top of the FBI was when he agreed to be Special Counsel and he’ll have to live with the outcome – as will Comey, McCabe, Ohr, Page, Strzok et al.

Thank you Lanny for crushing the entire Mueller ‘witch hunt’ with a single CNN interview.

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