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Liberals Are Attacking Trump After Helsinki. So Who’s Surprised?

Vladimir Putin is a liar who has evil intent around the world and threatens freedom and liberty everywhere his totalitarian power can reach. Conservatives have for the last 60 years been stating the case against Russia and the Soviet Union, with liberals defending Russia every step of the way. So now why have the liberal press and Democrat politicians suddenly done an about-face and begun criticizing Russia for the nasty things they’ve done since the mid-Twentieth Century? Could this reversal have anything to do with the current American president, who just happens to make traditional politics appear to be foolish, unworkable and naive?

If American liberals understand the danger Russia presents to the world, then why did Barack Obama chide Mitt Romney for thinking Russia was a major enemy of the United States? And why did the savior Obama pooh-pooh the suggestion that Russia had a negative impact on American’s 2016 election? And what the hell is the liberal press talking about by calling President Trump’s performance in his meetings in Helsinki with Putin too familiar, disastrous and treasonous? All of a sudden, and only because Trump is taking a different tack in dealing with Russia, our leftist press expresses the opinion that Russia is indeed a dangerous, threatening and unstable nation under Putin.

And on a more personal level, how about Obama begging Putin for more time to get re-elected so he could do Putin’s bidding with American defensive weapons that Putin did not like in the vicinity of Russia? And how can one forget the sale of twenty percent of America’s uranium supply that Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, sold to Russia for her personal enrichment?

Donald Trump is a different type of person in the White House and he is taking different approaches to the problems of not only America, but the problems of the world, and so far he has been resoundingly successful in his new-fangled ways. Trump approaches Putin in Finland in an uncharacteristic way, and based on Trump’s success rate to this point, one suspects he’ll be a winner following the Finland meeting as well. At worst we may experience the same failures American presidents have had throughout history with Russia, and at best America may win an event for a change in this dangerous, nuclear world.

American liberals, the press and politicians alike, are fools and should be ignored by all sensible people when they attack President Trump. The liberal press is all of a sudden reversing their former position of defending the Soviet Union/Russia. When the Soviets imprisoned eastern Europe under Stalin American liberals swooned at how futuristic the Soviets were and how free and prosperous Soviet citizens were under Communism. But now that Russia is significantly weaker and has a failing economy, leftist Americans insist that Putin is a demon and Trump should be removed from office for even speaking with him. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Donald Trump and his ideas, it’s that they may be shocking, but they’re usually wildly successful.

One almost suspects that the liberal press and the Democrat party, who loved the Communist Soviet Union, resent Vladimir Putin in his post-Communist Russian position. One also wonders if that means that the members of our Putin-hating Democrat party are really Communists at heart and wish for the downfall of America. I’m just wondering.

Patriotic Americans must remain supportive of President Trump and keep America alive against the forces of anti-Trumpism.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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