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Jesse Watters Slams Ocasio-Cortez: Look What Socialism Has Brought Venezuela

Commenting on the so-called ‘democratic socialist’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is the Congressional candidate for New York State’s 14th district, Fox News host Jesse Watters said, “Now let’s look at the facts about socialism, shall we? Venezuela, a rich country, blessed with bountiful natural resources now a hell hole,” on Saturday.

Watters further listed the horrible things that socialism has brought to Venezuela. Extreme poverty, sick people taking dog medicine, a massive toilet paper shortage and it becoming the murder capital of the world.

“Look what experience with Socialism has brought. Nearly 90 percent now live in poverty, starvation, the average person lost 24 pounds last year and they’re not trying to diet. Sick people are taking dog medicine. There’s a massive toilet paper shortage and now it’s now the murder capital of the world behind El Salvador,” said Watters.

“If Democrats want to bring Socialism to America it makes me wonder do they want to destroy America?” asked Watters.

Additionally, Watters slammed Cortez for her free health care proposals that would cost America almost 30 trillion dollars. Raising taxes on everyone wouldn’t even make a dent in that bill argued Watters.

“This Cortez individual said she wants free health care free housing and free college, free health care alone cost 30 trillion dollars. You raise taxes on everyone in America and that wouldn’t even make a dent in paying that bill,” said Watters.

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Brady Kenyon

Brady is a contributing writer for Conservative Daily News.

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One Comment

  1. I’ve asked Socialists if they know what socialism actually is – and they didn’t know!

    Then I describe socialism for them “Go into a theatre and before the show demand that everyone put all the cash they have into the hat you pass. Some people will have 100s of dollars and some will have nothing. Nevertheless take half the money in the hat and put it in your pocket. Then divide the remainder by the number of all the people in the room regardless of what they put in and give each an equal share. Then tell me how many people are going to be really mad at you!.

    BTW you can change this to full on communism by simply taking all of the complainers out back and shooting them in the head!!

    Everybody talks about the Greed of the rich. WHO – prey tell – ever talks about the ENVY of the poor!?

    Both are among the Seven Deadly sins!

    And consider this; there could be no envy and no communist socialist revolution IF there was not an overburden of MATERIALISM upon which communist socialists could play their Zero-sum Based hole card!

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