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Democrats call on Trump to Cancel Putin Meeting

Democrats on Friday pressured President Donald Trump to cancel his upcoming summit with Vladimir Puting due to the recent indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers who allegedly hacked Democratic Party emails In 2016. Trump is scheduled to sit down with Putin on July 16.

“There should be no one-on-one meeting between this president and Putin,” Sen. Mark Warner (D.Va.) said. “There needs to be other Americans in the room, or the summit should be canceled.”

Sen. Jack Reed, (D-RI.), said Trump should “immediately cancel his meeting.” House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA.), said “the stakes” for the summit “could not be higher.” Sen. Ron Wyden, (D-OR.) said a handshake with Putin would be “a moment of historic cowardice.”

A number of other Democrats have also said that Trump should cancel the summit before the announced indictments from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Friday.

The Daily Caller reports that a coalition of 18 Democrats has formed on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs urging the President to cancel his upcoming meeting with Putin.

Daily Caller reports the 18 House Democrats Include:

  • Eliot Engel of New York
  • Albio Sires of New Jersey
  • Theodore Deutch of Florida
  • Gregory Meeks of New York
  • Gerald Connolly of Virginia
  • Karen Bass of California
  • William Keating of Massachusetts
  • Ami Bera of California
  • Lois Frankel of Florida
  • Joaquin Castro of Texas
  • Robin Kelly of Illinois
  • Brendan Boyle of Pennsylvania
  • Dina Titus of Nevada
  • Norma Torres of California
  • Bradley Schneider of Illinois
  • Adriano Espaillat of New York
  • Ted Lieu of California

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Brady Kenyon

Brady is a contributing writer for Conservative Daily News.

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  1. Are the Demos afraid that President Trump will fix the relationship with Russia? Or maybe he will reveal the relationship that the Demos have with Russia?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  2. The democrats are soiling their underwear because they are afraid that PRESIDENT Trump will be successful in his meeting with Putin. President Trump just keeps winning and they cannot stand the thought of another win. Wonder if they will ever get tired of losing?

  3. Trump should not even think of cancelling his meeting with Putin. Instead, he should refuse to meet with Democrats, who are the REAL enemy. They want to obstruct Trump so badly that they are wiling to interfere with any attempt by Trump to improve relations with Russia. Considering that Russia is the only country in the world that is capable of completely destroying the US, that is incomprehensibly stupid! We do not need Russia as an enemy, and Russia does not need the US as an enemy. That should be OBVIOUS!

  4. Miguel, Buzz, & David….Echo what ‘real’ Americans think…..and want our President to succeed.

    Those that don’t should be scheduled for deportation and/or prison….Ooops there goes the Socialist Democrats….

    Does anyone else suspect that Soros money is behind protest here and abroad?

  5. If Pr. Trump were to cancel—these same dirtbags would be criticizing him for not meeting with an important world leader.

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