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Isn’t The Term “Leftist Supreme Court Justice” A Contradiction In Terms?

From a constitutional context the term “leftist Supreme Court Justice” is indeed contradictory because liberals hold the constitution in disdain and think that they are wiser than the founders of this nation, and they prefer to make law instead of deciding cases based on the constitution and existing law.

A few months ago a former Supreme Court Justice, John Paul Stevens, stated that he wants the constitutional provision protecting the right to bear arms for personal protection repealed, because he disagrees with it. So how did Mr. Stevens ever become a Justice on the Supreme Court where his duty was to decide the constitutionality of cases that came before him, while the entire time he was on the Supreme Court he opposed the provisions of the constitution?

Purely defining the concept of a leftist judge would convince us to keep any liberal off of the Supreme Court because leftists are, by their nature, political animals and make every decision based on liberal politics and the mood they’re in that day. Plus, they interpret cases that come before them on a case-by-case basis and not on the constitution as written. When the constitution is not the ruling authority for deciding cases, there is no way of knowing how a case would be decided: it leaves all Americans with no guiding principles with which to decide right from wrong. The truth is that liberals never decide cases based on a written document, and instead rewrite law every time they make a legal decision from the bench.

So it seems to be logical that liberals of all stripes should be kept off of the Supreme Court simply because they want society to match their idea of what society should be, not what it is nor what the constitution says should rule our nation’s policies. Our prosperous nation and the individual liberties that the constitution protects cannot be preserved with liberals on the bench.

So now President Trump is in the process of appointing another conservative to the Supreme Court and liberals are all in an uproar because they know that the constitution will be followed by a conservative justice, and laws will no longer be created anew as each case is decided by the Supremes.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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