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Invasion U.S.A.


Give me your tired, your poor, your humble masses yearning to be free—written on the Statue of Liberty.

That saying on the Statue of Liberty was true for many, many decades, but not anymore. This is no longer immigration, this is an invasion to take advantage of our wealth, culture and resources. As radio talk show host Michael Savage recently said, “The lifeboat is full.” I think it is tipping over. If a million, or more, armed men crossed our border, or any border, it would be considered an invasion. Yet, if the same number of men, women and children illegally cross our borders, unarmed, seeking our wealth and playing upon our kindness, we are expected to welcome them with open arms.

The waves of illegal immigrants entering the USA are an invasion. These illegal immigrants seek to benefit from the generous social welfare benefits handed out to them. Few of them are fleeing persecution. Most are simply economic migrants looking for a better life.

These Democrats want open borders. Where many Americans see illegal intruders, Democrats see future voters. Hilary said she wants a “hemispheric government” which would mean Mexico, the  U.S. and Canada would be one big country. Add to that Obama once said: “the only way to stop terrorism was to open the borders” which means a one world government. George Soros’ plan. Soros donated heavily to both Hilary and Obama.

The Globalist/Leftists want them to come here to swell the ranks of voters on their side. That is the plan they openly admit to, yet there is a darker side to their plan. The Far Left, funded by George Soros and other moneyed Globalist Oligarchs, has as one of its goals the destruction of the USA from the inside, by overwhelming the social welfare system, the hospitals, the criminal justice system and the educational system

The Open Borders plan is simply a plan to eliminate National Sovereignty, which stands in the way of the Globalist One World Utopia. National Sovereignty must be eliminated if their Utopia is to be achieved. Any individual or group opposed to their Globalist Utopia must be marginalized or destroyed. Since they are not moral people, they use immoral means to gain their objectives. They promote every kind of perversion and debauchery. They have no compulsion against lying or destroying the lives of those who oppose them through deception. They seek to win, at all costs.

Consider since 2016, some 110,000 children have entered the U.S. illegally and been released, along with 200,000 Central American families caught sneaking across the border.

Reflecting its frustration, the White House press office declared:

“We can’t deport them, we can’t separate them, we can’t detain them, we can’t prosecute them. What (the Democrats) want is a radical open-border policy that lets everyone out into the interior of this country with virtually no documentation whatsoever.”

And with 11,000 kids of illegal immigrants in custody and 250 more arriving every day, we could have 30,000 in custody by summer’s end.

The existential question, however, thus remains: How does the West, America included, stop the flood tide of migrants before it alters forever the political and demographic character of our nations and our civilization?

The U.S. Hispanic population, already estimated at nearly 60 million, is predicted to exceed 100 million by 2050, just 32 years away.

An article appearing in the Washington Times said:

 Administration officials have requested the Pentagon to begin plans to house upwards of 20,000 unaccompanied migrant children at various military installations across the U.S.

The request by officials at the Department of Health and Human Services was sent to the Defense Department Thursday, shortly before defense officials notified congressional lawmakers on the move, a Pentagon official said.

The official could not confirm whether three military bases in Texas — Fort Bliss, Dyess Air Force Base and Goodfellow Air Force Base — and Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas would be tapped to house the children, who had been separated from their migrant parents after they were deported for entering the U.S. illegally.

HHS officials had reportedly conducted site visits to the four locations in the days leading up to the department’s request to the Pentagon, according to the Washington Post. Defense Department leaders have yet to set a timeline as to how soon the children, currently being housed in temporary shelters along the U.S. southern border, could be relocated to the military facilities, the official said.

However, the effort is now a top priority for Defense Secretary James Mattis and other senior military leaders, the official added.

Roughly 2,500 children have been under the care of the Department of Homeland Security after being forcibly separated from their parents at the U.S. southern border, as part of the Trump White House’s zero tolerance immigration policy. On Wednesday, Mr. Trump signed an executive order ending the separations of migrant parents and children, amid growing pressure both at home and abroad to abandon the policy.

On Wednesday, Mr. Mattis told reporters the Pentagon would support any request from the administration on dealing with migrant issues along the border, noting the Defense Department had carried out similar humanitarian operations in the past.

“We have housed refugees. We have house people thrown out of their homes by earthquakes and hurricanes. We do whatever is in the best interest of the country,” Mr. Mattis said ahead of a meeting with German Minister of Defence Ursula von der Leyen. at the Pentagon.

“We support whatever they need,” he added at the time.

However, the Pentagon is reneging saying it will have no role in operating the temporary shelters which would solely be operated by HHS. We are taking much-needed funds for our veterans and putting it towards these illegals. They will eventually have to find jobs which will be taken away from our own citizens who need jobs.

 I would like to remind Gen, Mattis that these are no longer migrants, but illegal invaders many who are MS13 gang members. During the campaign, Trump said Mexico is not sending their best and he took a lot of heat for that statement but he was right. Over 50% of our prison population is composed of illegals. They are not just from Mexico now we have these invaders from Central America coming in.

It’s like when you are pouring a glass of water and you’ve reached the top. You don’t keep pouring as it overflows, but that’s what’s happened here. The melting pot has boiled over and the sides gave way to the flood.

 I recently saw this interesting but true comment:


These are the steps needed to destroy a Democratic Nation:

Get Progressive left wing officials voted into office: eg: Obama, Cuomo, Bloomberg, Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, DeBlasio, Schiff, Clintons.

Infiltrate College faculty with Progressive (Commie) professors. Infiltrate/Control the MEDIA

Enact “Political Correctness” as a commonplace practice

Divide the classes and races, dehumanize police and other Law enforcement officials.

Dumb down Americas youth eg: “Common Core programs”

Lower morality standards via TV, Movies, Radio. Mainstream Homosexuality and Trans- gender lifestyles. Allow/Legalize same sex marriage. (Remember Sodom and Gomorra?)

Overspend Government funds, Bankrupt the Treasury. Cut spending for the Military and give away billions to undeserving foreign countries. National debt 13.4 TRILLION/ WE EACH OWE $60,000.00 (Donald Trump is trying to correct this)

Allow uncontrolled illegal immigration from adjacent countries and foreign radical countries. Which drains our Treasury (Donald Trump is trying to correct this)

Disarm the Population, propose the Constitution is passé and irrelevant today.

Expand the Welfare State, give so called free support to undeserving individuals. Eg: Welfare, EBT, Housing, Medical, Education, FREE CELL PHONES! WHY WORK ?????

THIS IS HOW IT IS HAPPENING >>>>>>>RIGHT NOW! God has to be disappointed in us.
OUR Enemies ARE WITHIN OUR OWN COUNTRY: OBAMA, Bloomberg, Soros, Rockefeller, DeBlasio, Cuomo, Clinton, Feinstein, Pelosi, Brown, Sanders, etc.


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