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Discover if Your Man is Being a Love Rat

When you are in what you believe to be a secure relationship with a man, it is only natural that you start to become settled and a little complacent. However, women have this inbuilt instinct that tells them when something is not quite right when it comes to their relationship. No matter how settled you feel in your relationship, there may come a time when you have that niggling feeling that there is something wrong and that your man may be playing away.

Of course, you cannot go throwing accusations around based simply on a hunch otherwise the atmosphere could become a nightmare and the trust would be gone – particularly if you are wrong. So, the best way to discover is your man is being a love rat is to use your own observations and investigations. You don’t have to be a private detective to find out whether something is wrong. If you have been with your partner for a long while, you will very quickly pick up on changes in his routine or his behavior. It is these little things that can prove to be the most invaluable.

Some of the giveaway signs

First off, you have to remember that not all men that display these signs or behaviors are necessarily cheating. However, these are some of the signs that are commonly associated with cheating so it is well worth looking out for them. The first is a sudden increase in making or taking calls coupled with a furtive attitude. If your partner suddenly starts getting more calls and texts on a regular basis and then acts suspiciously such as going out of the room with his phone, there could be a problem. You can run a phone number search online to find out who the caller is and then ask him to see whether he lies about who called.

Another thing your man may start doing is going out far more with his ‘friends’. Of course, there may be periods where one or the other of you starts to go out more for a certain space of time due to various events. However, if he was more of a couch potato before and is now out most nights, you need to question where he is and why this sudden interest in going out – without you! You could, of course, drop it into conversation with the friends that he claims to have been going out with if you know who they are. If they know nothing about the night out or look blank, you can be pretty certain that they weren’t there.

A change in appearance is also another possible giveaway signs, particularly if it is a sudden change and quite dramatic. For example, your partner may not have had any great interest in fashion or grooming himself other than the basics. However, if he suddenly starts dressing up to the nines, slapping on loads of aftershave, and grooming himself to perfection before he heads to work or on nights out, you may have reason for suspicion.

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