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3 Pros And Cons Of Hair Extensions

The popularity of hair extensions has exploded in recent years, and hair extensions are one of the most requested services in big city hair salons today. Sometimes hair extensions are glued into a person’s natural hair. Other times hair extensions are actually sewn into the person’s scalp. Despite the popularity of hair extensions, there are some pros and cons you should know about before taking the hair extension plunge yourself.

Pro – Instant Gratification

One key advantage of hair extensions is not having to wait several months for your hair to grow. You can go from having the shortest hair in the office on Monday to having the longest hair in the office on Tuesday, and back again to short hair on Friday with ease, especially if you use an effective weft sealer.

Con – Damage To Hair and Scalp

The human scalp is tough enough to handle a lot of hair. However, the scalp usually has time to make adjustments to increases in hair length over several months because that’s how long it takes hair to grow. When you get hair extensions, your scalp hasn’t had a chance to make these adjustments and can suffer from damage and irritation as a result of the additional weight of the hair extensions.

Damage to the hair can also occur. You can suffer from scalp burns from the glue used to attach the extensions, and your hair can suffer from breakage along your hair roots when tight braids are used. Dandruff and other irritations of the scalp often occur as a result of natural hair oils and soap getting trapped underneath the hair braids.

Pro – Versatility

When it comes to hair extensions, you have a variety of options available to you in regards to colors, textures and hair length – Airyhair has some good options. If you’ve had straight here all your life, you can try curly hair for a change. If you are tired of having short hair, you can extend the length of your hair without having to wait months for it to grow. All sorts of color and texture combinations are available and can be tried without having to change or process your actual hair. Further, any changes can be undone just as easily if you aren’t happy with them.

Con – Cost

Unfortunately, high-quality hair extensions are expensive. If you want your hair extensions done right with the least amount of damage, you’ll have to use a professional hairstylist who has access to high-quality hair. Depending on where you live and how you plan to have your extensions attached, it could cost thousands of dollars for hair extensions.

Pro – Low Maintenance

High-quality hair extensions should last as long as three months and can be styled just as if they were your real hair. Depending on the type of hair texture your natural hair has, your extensions may even be easier to style.

Con – Time

Getting hair extensions applied can take several hours. The amount of time will vary depending on the method of application and how many extensions you’re having applied. Some customers have spent as much as eight hours in the salon getting their extensions applied. Sure, it’s a lot faster than having to wait months for your hair to grow in, but eight hours in a salon chair can be an unpleasant experience to deal with, so keep that in mind.

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