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Gallup: Job optimism highest we’ve ever seen

Gallup asked Americans if now is a good or bad time to find a job and the results, they said, are the best they’ve ever seen and it’s just been since President Trump took office.

Sixty-seven percent of Americans believe that now is a good time to find a quality job in the U.S., the highest percentage in 17 years of Gallup polling. Optimism about the availability of good jobs has grown by 25 percentage points since Donald Trump was elected president.

Before the 2016 election, 27% of Republicans said it was a good time to find a job while 54% of Democrats thought that the job market was in good shape. Once Trump took office, Republicans view of the job market climbed to 60% while Democrats sentiment dropped to 47%.

For the most recent three months, Republican optimism about jobs has jumped to 82% and Democrats have returned near their pre-election high with 53% saying it is a good time to find a job.

The positive sentiment carries across all age, income and education groups demonstrating that the Trump economy is strong and being felt by everyone.

Aug-Oct 2016 Mar-Apr 2018 Change from 2016 to 2018
% % pct. pts.
All adults 42 65 +23
Male 43 71 +28
Female 40 59 +19
18-29 50 60 +16
30-49 47 66 +19
50-64 39 68 +29
65 and older 30 63 +33
No college 36 62 +26
Some college 39 68 +29
College degree 51 68 +17
Postgraduate work 51 61 +10
Annual household income
Less than $30,000 33 52 +19
$30,000-$74,999 42 66 +24
$75,000 and above 47 73 +26

source: Gallup

We’ve seen other proof that the economy is doing well and growing. Manufacturing suppliers said that they expect the growth to continue at least until the end of 2018. The manufacturing sector reported expansion throughout April and positive economic news has been prevalent in even the anti-Trump mainstream media.

The Trump administration’s pro-business, pro-worker, America First agenda has had a palpable effect on American families and the most recent Gallup poll shows that it’s being felt on both sides of the aisle, by all income groups, regardless of education level or age.

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