Who Knew That PETA And Vegans Are More Dangerous Than NRA Members?

The shootings on Tuesday of this week at the You Tube Headquarters in San Bruno, California, is a one-off event that totally upsets the liberal rule for discussing and assigning blame for such shootings. It set the usual liberal rhetoric attributing the blame for gun shootings to the National Rifle Association back a mile. The shooter was female, an animal rights supporter, a PETA supporter and a Vegan. And she used a pistol. This picture doesn’t track with the liberal position that men and NRA members are the cause of all of the violence in schools and the workplace.

But the You Tube incident eliminates the NRA from any blame related to this happening, and it also reminds us that members of the NRA were not involved in any of the other mass shootings that the liberal press has been so anxious to blame them for. In fact liberals were more representative in the list of shooters in past mass shootings, and not one NRA member was even close to the events.

Reportedly the shooting was about the woman’s lack of sufficient pay that she was seeking from You Tube, not about any political position. The fact that the specifics of this shooting contradict the potential political usefulness of the female involved with the crime is why the press has dropped the story on the day following the event, whereas we are still hearing about the Parkland shooting weeks later.

So don’t expect to be inundated with this story in future network news reports because it doesn’t further the Gun Control demands of the left. They don’t want solutions to major problems, they want the political advantage they think they have attained as they keep these events alive and fully in-use against Republicans, and especially President Trump.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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