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Is Justice About To Be Served For Democrat Crimes?

It is the most delicious service of justice ever seen, that the Democrat crimes committed with the intent to unseat Donald Trump are unraveling and ricocheting back at the perpetrators in our dear, leftist, Democrat Party.

From sanctuary cities (intended to protect illegal aliens from Trump and to increase Democrat voters) to the Dossier (intended to frame Trump and drive away his supporters) it’s all crashing down on the heads of lawless Democrats, and one hopes it will mean the re-entry of the formerly great, pro-American and pro-constitution, Democrat party into the mainstream of American politics. But until we see evidence of decent people taking the reins of the Democrat party once again, Democrats will remain the new criminal class.

After all, it was Democrats who collaborated with foreign nationals to win a presidential election.

It was Democrats who exposed national secrets to foreign enemies, via Hillary’s email server.

It was Democrats who illegally spied on their political opponents.

It was Democrats who lied to the public in general, and to Congress in particular, under oath.

It was Democrats who falsified evidence to sway a FISA court.

It was Democrat FBI investigators who broke FBI regulations, and probably the law, to assure the defeat of Donald Trump in the last election.

May the leftist bastards rot in hell, or short of that, rot in prison.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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