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Allies strike Syria in response to chemical weapon attacks; Russia promises ‘consequences’

The war of words between the U.S. and Russia over Syria’s use of chemical weapons against its own people has escalated. The United States and allies struck Syria Friday night and Russia has promised that the attack will come with consequences.

U.S. President Donald Trump announced the military action from the White House late on Friday. As he spoke, explosions rocked Damascus. British Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron said the UK and France had joined in the attack.


“Tonight, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States took decisive action to strike the Syrian chemical weapons infrastructure… Together, we have sent a clear message to Assad and his murderous lieutenants that they should not perpetrate another chemical weapons attack,” Sec. James Mattis said at a press conference Friday night.

The allies reportedly had conclusive evidence that Syria used chemical weapons on its own people.

“A large volume of high-resolution, reliable photos and video from Duma clearly document victims suffering from asphyxiation and foaming at the mouth, with no visible signs of external wounds,” the White House said in a statement Friday. “Reliable intelligence indicates that Syrian military officials coordinated what appears to be the use of chlorine in Duma on April 7.”

The Trump administration did not lay the blame only at the feet of Syria’s leader. They also pointed to the Russian Federation for its lack of willingness to curb Assad’s bloodlust.

“Due to its inability – or refusal to curb Assad’s crimes, Russia must assume responsibility for his behavior,” they said.

Russia answered with threats of its own.

“We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences,” said Anatoly Antonov, the Russian ambassador to the U.S. “All responsibility for them rests with Washington, London and Paris.”

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One Comment

  1. Frankly, I see that while we appear to be moving away from Globalism, to what ever enth degree, globalism is still alive in our government. Only Congress has the legal authority – in spite of any long term illegal law they may have passed – to declare war, especially when military action is not directly an act of defense!

    Sorry, Donald, but you have acted unconstitutionally. Naturally I stand with our warriors who are bound to carry out their orders and I am always thankful when they prevail.

    On the other hand, I finally see a modicum of usefulness for the U.N.; a place where diaper-clad Tyrants can go to carry out their promises of “retaliation”. Let us hope the U.N. comes to some resolution that outrages the American People enough that we finally say; “you’re FIRED! We ain’t payin’ you another cent! GET OUT!! You are hereby EVICTED!!!!!

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