What Should You Do When Windows throws DLL File Errors

The computer is a wonderful thing when it works perfectly. Nevertheless, sometimes out of nowhere (not due to your fault) there comes some problem or error, and you do not have the faintest idea how to fix it.

Imagine that you installed the program or the game, but when you start it, an error with a notification appears: msvcr100.dll missing on the computer. It is very unfortunate that many believe that it will be difficult to solve this mistake. So they refuse to launch the necessary utility game. But in fact, everything is very simple. It suffices to follow the algorithm given in this article.

Initially, the text of the error says that the desired file is simply missing. It is logical to assume that it does not exist on the computer. However, is it so? It turns out, not always. Sometimes, the problem is that the system does not work correctly and you need to download msvcr100.dll, and then just reinstall it.

For starters, here’s a good tip: do not try to find DLL file on the Internet. Most likely, you will find some not very high-quality website, and in the worst case, you’ll catch the virus. But even if you by some miracle download the ill-fated file, you can hardly use it.

What To Do In This Situation?

As a rule, you need to do the following. If the error pops up where the DLL file appears, you first have to find out what kind of document it is. In most cases, it is a library of some component like PhysX, Visual C Redistributable, etc.

Once you have found out what kind of element it is, just go to the developer’s site and download it to your device. So, Msvcr100.dll is an element of Visual C for Visual Studio. So if you want to download it, you should go straight to the official Microsoft website.

However, before installing it, check whether it already exists in your system, and then delete it if yes. Do not look for where to download software from. Just move to the official website of Microsoft.

Then, everything is simple:

  • click the “Download” button,

  • run the downloaded file,

  • in the end, do not forget to restart the computer,

  • in the next step, try to start the program or game again, which in your case does not open and gives an error.

We hope that the article helped to solve the problem. However, if not, do not panic: any computer problem requires careful research. In this case, look on the forums, perhaps some people also came across your problem, and they can help you easily.

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