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We Need A “Go Fund Me” Account For Robert Mueller’s Victims

The investigation-porn that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is committing against Donald Trump and Republican voters all over the nation has reached the zenith of its tolerability. After a year of relentlessly trying to find Trump guilty of the charge that idiot Democrats like Adam Schiff stated repeatedly were absolute, proven facts of collusion with Russia, now going into its second year and having produced not a shred of evidence that Trump did anything except run a presidential campaign that beat the liberals’ cinch, can’t-lose, shoo-in winner, Hillary Clinton, the abuse of anyone who ever knew Donald Trump and the digging through every tax document that could conceivably shed light on either a Trump dealing or of someone close to him that Mueller thinks he can turn, must stop!.

All Mueller has done so far is to financially ruin good, solid, decent people like Michael Flynn by charging them with minor, non-collusion-related offenses that he holds over their heads in the hope of their spilling the beans on Trump and making himself a hero with the inside-Washington, cocktail party, wine sipping, establishment swamp dwellers.

Mueller has done nothing with the lengthy stack of evidence, collected in 2016, that FBI Director James Comey read on national TV until he ran about of breath, that proved Hillary Clinton is guilty as hell of setting up an email server that allowed national secrets to be hacked into by our sworn enemies, along with the proof that she lied under oath to federal investigators about a vast number of things, and instead of going after the person who actually is guilty and should be ready to testify in front of a Grand Jury, he continues to dig up ancient personal tax records and personal travel meetings that he hopes to use against people who Trump hasn’t even spoken to in years, trying to prove what the Democrats want most in the world: that Donald Trump is as bad as they are.

So, in order to give sanctuary and hope to the victims of Robert Mueller’s dirt-digging, fishing expedition, and in order to demonstrate that we are with the people who Mueller is gleefully destroying, I’d like for someone with knowledge in these matters to set up a “Go-Fund-Me” account, to be run by the RNC, that can collect money for the good Americans that Mueller is persecuting and distribute it to the most needy of that proud crowd.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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