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Trump Rally In Pa.: From Make America Great Again To Keep America Great

trumpin harrisburg

Trump held a rally in Pennsylvania endorsing Rick Saccone against democrat Connor Lamb for the House seat vacated by Tim Murphy who resigned after telling his mistress to get an abortion.

Attended by thousands, this rally as with all Trump rallies was filled with exuberance and cheers as he engaged the crowd and held them in the palm of his hand.

trump rally in Pa.

Trump touted his many accomplishments that included 155 million new jobs and people working, 313,000 new jobs in manufacturing just this month, African American unemployment is the lowest in history, Hispanic and Black unemployment is the lowest in history the stock market is up 40% and the economy is the best in history, “We need workers because I’m bringing lots of companies in here,” Trump said.

Trump explained that the Democrats have no new ideas so all they can do is obstruct and delay. He explained how he offered a great deal to help DACA and the Democrats turned it down so now they have the DACA people mad at them. Trump explained that Connor Lamb is a nice guy, but he is weak on borders, weak on crime and weak on second amendment rights. Trump mentioned how in other countries he visited, like China and Singapore, they don’t have a drug problem because drug dealers get the death penalty. He cited all the families who have been destroyed and people who have been killed here over the years because of drugs and said we should have the death penalty for drug dealers here instead they get off in 30 days.

Trump explained that we now have an $800 billion trade deficit with other countries because of bad deals from previous administrations by Clinton, Bush and Obama.  Trump said he would impose tariffs on some countries but won’t impose tariffs on Mexico or Canada.

In a light-hearted moment, Trump mentioned that columnist Peggy Noonan said he wasn’t presidential in his speeches. “Is this what you want to see?” Trump said as he mockingly took a stiff pose and talked in a monotone which brought laughter to the audience, “Or do you want to see this?” he said going back to his animated self much to the cheers of the crowd. Trump also poked fun at the media there as he does in all his rallies chastising them for not showing the crowd and calling CNN and MSNBC fake news which brought on shouts of “CNN sucks, CNN sucks” from the energized crowd.  Trump also referred to NBC’s Chuck Todd as “droopy eyes” and a “son of a bitch.” He also mentioned how he’d love to run against Oprah because he knows her weakness without saying what it was.

Trump hit on the possibility of his next slogan for 2020, “I can’t say Make America Great Again because I’ve already done that,” he said, “So I’m thinking about  ‘Keep America Great.’ Trump spoke for an hour and a half mostly off the cuff as usual and held the crowd enraptured. It was a great rally as all Trump rallies are.

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