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Liberals Want Police Officers Assassinated, Until Politics Intercedes

The Black Lives Matters crowd chanted for the assassination of police officers, “now!”, and Democrats were fine with that sentiment. In fact, President Obama even invited the BLM leadership to the White House in order to show his solidarity with them.

In 2014 the Obama administration blamed the police department in Ferguson, Missouri for the rioting that occurred there. The liberal attitude of blaming the cops was so widespread that the Obama administration ordered his Department of Justice to take control of the Ferguson police department and get the officers’ minds right.

Baltimore’s police department was considered so racist and evil that six police officers, three of whom were black, were charged with the murder of a repeat criminal who was in police custody. Of course as a result of this blame-the-cops mentality and with the police officers then standing down for fear of being accused of hurting or killing a dangerous suspect they were trying to apprehend as they protected the city’s largely black population, crime in Baltimore increased dramatically following the persecution of the police officers.

An officer in Chicago was charged with killing a repeat criminal who was trying to avoid capture. This event occurred in the liberal American city which sets new records of gang killings each year, so of course, they charged the police officer and ruined his life.

But now the left does an about-face and can find no fault with the various police forces involved in the Florida shooting: Following the Parkland shooting a week ago, it was discovered that the FBI, and especially the local police, missed up to sixty-six opportunities to stop or divert the man who did the shooting and thereby could have possibly saved 17 high school students from death. As well as failing to deal with the killer in advance, we learned that several police officers were at the school as the killings were taking place, but did nothing to stop the shooter, and instead sat safely outside the school and only listened as the shooting continued, and the students died.

Immediately after the shooting was over the leftist American Democrat Party began shouting for the heads of all NRA members, although the NRA had no presence at the school and did no shooting. But one wonders why the left did not criticize the police once again, and where was the logical radical left insistence that the police be blamed for missing chances to avoid the killings? But that would be too logical and would not be political enough for the Democrat party.

Now the left, after blaming the police for years for any violence committed in the United States, protects the culpable police and criticizes conservatives for trying to attach responsibility to the non-responding police forces. And then when it was learned that Barack Obama’s Promise Program, a deviant plan intended to reduce the number of minority expulsions from school and criminal apprehensions by the police, by neither reporting nor recording such incidents performed by protected minorities, was in place in Florida and was likely one of the reasons the police treated the Hispanic shooter with velvet gloves and filed no charges against him nor seriously investigated the numerous incidents reported to them about his conduct, even after he stated he would like to become a school shooter, we finally are able to assemble the puzzle, and now get the racist, politically correct, and student-killing, picture that the American left has created.

The very fact that the Obama administration felt the need to rig the figures with the Promise Program and make minority crime rates appear smaller that they really are, is an admission that minorities do in fact commit a disproportionate number of crimes, and instead of blaming themselves for causing this tragedy by excluding fathers from too many minority families and insisting that the government fill the role of the father and force the mother raise children all alone, Democrat leftists generate false statistics that are an insult to all decent Americans, and are especially insulting to all law-abiding minorities who reject big-government injecting itself into their lives.

It becomes more obvious all the time that the Democrat party has lost its collective mind and is using race and self-identity to undermine the safety and security of the United States and its citizens. Conservatives love the police and support them all the time in the dangerous and difficult job they do, but when politics causes them to ignore public safety and to not do their job because of a leftist program put in place by Barack Obama to make minority crime statistics look much smaller than they really are, these circumstances must be corrected, and the police must be rescued from control by leftist political partisans that threaten life in America.

In short, Democrats must be voted out of all offices, nationwide, period.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Hey I don’t care what color you are, if you kill without reason, (especially law enforcement) you should be indited, arrested and jailed!

  2. Police are no longer doing their jobs. BLM has made the job so impossibly difficult and litigious that the police in Chicagoland won’t even take a theft report. I had to call three suburbs, each one directing me to their “legal department” to see if they should be handling it. Finally, the last department took my report. When I told the detective about my other calls to the police, he “knowingly” laughed and said, “Well I am not going to give you the run around here.”

    This would have never happened a decade ago. We have become a lawless society. I never thouht I would say this, but I hate living in America today. It use to be a great place but it is going downhill fast.

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