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Democrats Reincarnate Past Events For Their Political Benefit

1. When Bill Clinton was believably accused of rape and afraid his womanizing would hurt his presidential bid, Hillary fired up the Bimbo Eruption team to intimidate, attack and publicly embarrass Bill’s accusers. But when someone like Stormy Daniels claims to have had a past relationship with Donald Trump, none of which relationships were performed in the Oval Office with young White House interns and all of which were consensual, Democrats celebrate her courage for coming forward, believe every word she says and insists that Trump leave office now.

2. When Obama was caught on a hot mic begging Vladimir Putin to give him time to get re-elected so he could do Putin’s bidding, Democrats said not a word about this obvious act of collusion. But in spite of there being no known act to justify charges, and after over a year of intense investigation by Robert Mueller finding no corroborating evidence, the Democrats crow daily about Trump’s imagined Russian collusion.

3. When Obama congratulated Vladimir Putin upon his re-election as the ruler of Russia, Democrats claimed it was just the polite thing to do for a major international figure. But when Trump congratulates Putin for his re-election, the liberal press paints Trump as being a fool and treats the event as proof of his collaboration with Russia.

4. When Obama failed to obey the Supreme Court decision that only the federal government, and not the state of Arizona, could enforce or make policy rulings regarding immigration laws, he chose to disregard the Supreme Court and to NOT enforce any immigration or border control laws at all, and the liberal press watched silently as America was inundated with illegal aliens. But when Trump disregards a staffer’s suggestion that he not congratulate Putin on his re-election, the liberal press calls Trump a fool, states that he knows nothing about international relations and describes his administration as being in chaos.

5. While Bill Clinton was being investigated by special counsel Ken Starr for various affronts to disciplined, decent behavior, Clinton operatives in the liberal press and the Democrat party called Starr a pervert and a sex fiend for digging up all of the dirt on Bubba Bill, but if Trump makes even a slight negative reference to Mueller and his year-long fishing expedition against the Trump presidency, which has discovered no evidence at all of improper behavior, the Democrats want Trump removed from office.

6. When the Obama campaign team used social media resources to reach and increase supporters to his cause, he was called a genius for his wise and innovative use of such data. But when the Trump team uses the same data for his presidential effort, he’s accused of invading privacy, of having stolen the data for his illegal use, etc, and the Democrats insist on a complete investigation of Trump‘s untoward political actions.

7. When Bill Clinton was being pursued by various women for mistreating them, the Democrats said that those charges had nothing to do with Clinton’s wise decisions and actions as president and were irrelevant to his office. But when Trump has a single woman say that he broke a contract with her, Democrats scream that Trump is not presidential and should be impeached.

8. While still a senator, Barack Obama was photographed with the hateful and violent racist, Louis Farrakhan, as they laughed and chuckled it up, probably at the expense of Farrakhan’s much despised “evil Jews“, and the Democrats caused the photograph to be buried for ten years until Obama was safely out of office. But Democrats call Trump a racist for just drawing breath each day.

The modern, post-Obama Democrat party has become a third-world, lying, America-hating, undemocratic movement made crazy-insane by the election of Donald Trump and the rejection of the Obama-lite candidacy of Hillary Clinton. Anyone who in the least wants America to remain a free, prosperous nation, must get behind Donald Trump and work for the defeat of his various enemies, the least of whom is Robert Mueller.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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