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Liberal Policy And The Use Of The Word “Sensible”

In the wake of the recent Florida school shootings, Democrats are pleading for “sensible” (note the lack of the stand-alone, more stark phrase “gun control”, plus also be aware of the silent admission that past liberal ideas have not been in any way “sensible” nor have past liberal ideas fixed the problem of mass killings in America) which, of course is an insistence on more severe restrictions on gun ownership, but with a softer, more pleasing tone.

As a test of whether liberal gun control efforts in the past have worked, for example, the liberal bans on “assault weapons” and the prohibition of bump stocks, the current status of such controls in eliminating school attacks in Florida don’t seem to be working, do they?

When one weighs liberal policies against successful outcomes, we learn that the words “sensible” and “successful” are the wrong words to use when evaluating Democrat policies. After several rounds of “sensible” immigration control we finally ended up with Barack Obama totally opening up our borders to all illegal immigrants, and he even took the state of Arizona to the Supreme Court to prevent them from offering any restrictions to illegal entry into America. And then consider liberal mayors and governors establishing sanctuary for illegals, too often criminal illegals, and one has to doubt the reality of any liberal thinking being “sensible”, or even legal. And considering liberal “sensible” welfare offerings: welfare was initially intended to be a safety net for people to use until they could get back on their feet and get a job, but our current welfare status finds too many people making a career out of government handouts; the “net” has become a trap.

But specifically related to gun controls implemented by liberals in cities like Chicago, Baltimore and, New York with their very restrictive gun possession laws, these are the same cities where one will find the highest rates of murder in the nation, setting records each year. A wise person will reject any ideas for fixing gun crimes that come from liberals.

It becomes obvious that liberal policies and attitudes only make bad situations worse, never better. But they refuse to listen to possible causes for shootings and only want to clamp down harder on the past legislation that has failed miserably. Heaven forbid that we should take violent video games away from the liberal snowflakes who support liberals causes, and don’t think of investigating more fully as to how prescription drugs impact the mental health of boys (who are the ones growing up and shooting people) because controlling the nature and impulses of boys is a cause celebre for liberals. And also be reminded that it was liberals who insisted on releasing mentally disabled or just plain crazy people from dormitory lock-ups in the 1980s, throwing them on the streets to survive as they could, and that particular liberal idea is a large cause of the homeless masses we see lounging about in squalor and human waste in American cities today. But liberals will never admit that turning mentally sick people loose on the streets was a bad idea; liberal ideas are never bad and must never be reversed, in their opinion.

With so many guns in the United States there is no way to accurately assure that weapons are being kept from demented people, but if law enforcement personnel would respond more quickly to investigate mentally imbalanced statements and proclamations made by unbalanced people, and the Florida killer demonstrated exactly such mental imbalance, this legal attention could possibly halt many future such killings.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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