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When Elected Politicians Propose Illegal Policies, It’s Decline And Fall Time

From California to Chicago to New Jersey and beyond we see Democrat mayors and governors specifically proposing activities for their cities and states that are forbidden under Federal Law. And given that most of the furor about sanctuary cities concerns United States immigration laws, which is wholly reserved to the Federal Government and not the states (and in fact the Obama administration helped out in this regard by having the Supreme Court declare that the Federal Government, and only the Federal Government, could make laws or try to enforce laws pertaining to immigration after the state of Arizona tried to enforce immigration laws more harsh than federal laws, while the Obama administration refused to enforce any laws at all that would restrict the in-flow of illegals across our southern border) these liberal, radical, leftist politicians are actively encouraging, and if one knows liberal Democrats at all, they will soon be requiring, illegal acts forbidden by duly passed legislation at the federal level.

Sanctuary states and cities also insist on allowing marijuana to be sold and used in their states, which is also in contradiction to federal law. The fact that Democrat politicians in these liberal locales wish to gain the votes of the “cool” youth that want to use these illegal substances, just shows how far removed from reality these liberals politicians are. Adult politicians should be serving the welfare of the entire population, not just the young and emotional members of the community, and should not be offering legal drugs that cloud young minds, all of which is not serving them very well. Who, except liberals, would suggest that our young people need another, legal drug that would help them put up with the stress and reality that’s so difficult for these precious snowflakes to put up with in their everyday life? “Real Life” occurs all the time and one never knows when it will hit them unexpectedly, but at that time of need, they will need personal discipline to get them through the crisis, and not a marijuana helper. Unfortunately “cool” politicians will probably get enough votes from dumbed-down young voters to stay in office in these locations and encourage the illegal things that were put in place to make society function more smoothly.

Berkeley, California is the latest city to jump on this “sanctuary” bandwagon by proposing they become a sanctuary city for marijuana. It’s apparent that the illegal immigration “sanctuary” thing is warping the minds of Californians for them to extend the meaning of the word this far and this inappropriately. Why not propose the city to be a sanctuary for people seeking relief from high taxes, or for people who desire to be left alone by big, intrusive government, or for people who want good jobs so they can better support their families? But to seek the lowest common denominator by proposing sanctuary for marijuana rather than sanctuary from marijuana, shows a total lack of a grasp on reality and what really matters in life.

The sanctuary idea is additionally a bad one because it will sap money and energy from our nation as more and more cities are burdened with unemployed, zoned-out people who too frequently commit serial crimes and depend on welfare from the ever-smaller number of citizens who work and pay taxes. And the idea of seeking uncontrolled access to legal drugs is proof that our young people are out of touch with a world that is largely poor, thirsty and hungry, and unless America can rally our entire population to our national rescue with hard work and creative minds, our nation, too, may sink into the mire of poverty-stricken nations, and at that point, we’ll be doomed.

We’re playing with fire with these extreme, leftist schemes, and our citizens had better wake up quickly, or our cushy lives will end quickly.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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