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President Trump Cheered During Anthem at NCAA Football Title Game

Even as the #Resistance rushed to disrupt Monday night’s NCAA football title game with anti-Trump protests at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, it was President Donald Trump who stole the show.

The NAACP – an organization that has done little to approve the lot in life of black people – was planning a big presence at the game to engage in divisive race-baiting and activists were out in force outside the stadium, but it is what when on inside that must really eat them alive.

Because just like he always does, Trump got their goats – AGAIN.

Just as grievance mongering goons have misappropriated the national anthem for their protests that are somehow deemed as the most pressing civil rights issue of our time, so have decent, patriotic Americans clung to the Star-Spangled Banner as a stirring tribute to the glory of the United States of America and a tribute to our military.

Trump did not simply stand with his hand over his heart in a luxury suite on Monday, he took the field for the national anthem, walking on to the cheers of thousands along with members of the armed forces.


The POTUS stood with his hand over his heart while the Zac Brown Band sang the song that has come to be so hated by the insurrectionist left and their allies who have now come to define the anthem as an ode to white supremacy.

There was the usual array of clueless and disrespectful idiots who booed but they were badly outnumbered and drowned out by those who prefer to keep their sports and politics separate.

Via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution “Trump greeted at Georgia-Alabama game with roar”:

President Donald Trump was greeted with a booming chorus of cheers mixed with some boos as he took the field Monday for the national anthem ahead of the college football title game between Georgia and Alabama.

The president, flanked by military members, stood near the 40-yard line with his hand on his heart as the anthem played. Another wave of cheers and jeers followed him as he left the field.

Trump arrived in metro Atlanta around 6 p.m. to take in the all-Southeastern Conference matchup between the two powerhouses. His motorcade caused gridlock and long lines outside the sold-out stadium.

The president left the game shortly before halftime.

Before he arrived in Atlanta, he sharpened his criticism of athletes who refuse to stand during the national anthem, telling attendees at an agriculture meeting in Tennessee that “we love our flag and we love our anthem and we want to keep it that way.”

He added to applause: “We want our national anthem respected, too.”

It was mud in the eye of the NAACP and their silly and hateful temper tantrum, for everyone else:

Just MAGA baby!

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  1. Yes! It was a true warm and fuzzy few minutes….and most welcome. When our President said earlier that if someone can’t respect our Anthem and Flag…”throw the SOB’s out!!”

    What a blessing to have a for REAL American watching our backs……and to think I worked ‘against’ his nomination….I’m proof that old dogs can learn new tricks

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