NFL Playoff Ratings Drop by Over 20 Million Viewers

Patriotic Americans can now be reassured that their boycotting of the National Football League over the embrace of malcontents who have all but spat on the flag and the troops is working.

Not only have regular season ratings gone into a death spiral since Commissioner Roger Goodell sided with the kneelers and declared war on President Trump but the previously unthinkable has happened and PLAYOFF ratings are also tanking.


How about to the tune of 23 MILLION fewer viewers than last year?

Granted that the matchups have been weird and that teams in key markets like Green Bay, Dallas, and New York didn’t qualify for the postseason, but this is very bad, is flirting with historically bad and on a course with downright catastrophic.

According to Clay Travis at Outkick the Coverage “NFL Ratings Plunge As 23 Million Fewer Viewers Watch Divisional Playoffs”:

This past weekend the NFL had three very competitive games among its four divisional round playoff contests.

Unfortunately for the league, ratings continued to plummet.

In fact, ratings are plummeting so much that virtually no major media outlets are even talking about ratings at all. It’s almost like the league and its television partners have put out the code red not to acknowledge the collapse in viewership so far in 2018.

Here are the ugly details head to head in the same timeslots as last year:


Saints-Vikings 35.6 million viewers


Packers-Cowboys 48.5 million viewers


Jags-Steelers 31.4 million viewers


Steelers-Chiefs 37.1 million viewers


Titans-Patriots 26.7 million viewers


Texans-Patriots 29.8 million viewers


Falcons-Eagles 27.1 million viewers


Seahawks-Falcons 28.7 million viewers

Yep, every single game was down, no matter how good the games were. And, remember, three of these games were highly competitive in the divisional round this year. Whereas last year only two of the games were competitive. Hell, three of the four windows even feature one of the same teams from last year. And yes, I know, the Cowboys and the Packers played last year and those are the two biggest fan base draws in the NFL, but even if you pull that game out the numbers for the other three games also declined double digits. (The three other games were down 15.3%, 10.4% and 5.6%)

Adding all these numbers up 120.8 million viewers watched the NFL divisional round playoffs in 2018 vs. 144.1 million who watched in 2017, a decline of 23.3 million total viewers.

With only one more weekend of games before this year’s Super Bowl which could be ratings Armageddon if 20 million + viewers decide that they have better things to do, Roger Goodell is probably down on his knees thanking God that he was able to get that $40 million a year contract extension done before the shit hit the fan.

Look for a lot of shady officiating and calls sent to the suits in New York that would favor the Patriots and Vikings in this Sunday’s conference championship games.

The ultimate nightmare scenario for the NFL would be a Philadelphia-Jacksonville Super Bowl snoozer which combined with boycotts would have a carry-over effect into next season and hit the league in the only place it hurts – the wallet.

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