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FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe removed from position at FBI

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will no longer serve at the FBI in an official capacity.

McCabe was removed at Noon on Monday from his position at the FBI but is not officially gone. He is using vacation/sick days to allow him to reach the minimum career length required in order to retire from the bureau and receive benefits.

The Washington Post reported in late December that McCabe was planning to leave the FBI “in a few months when he becomes fully eligible for pension benefits.” He made it just over five weeks before being asked to leave.

Some media outlets are reporting that he resigned as he had intended, but the sudden change in the timing of his departure and a set of events in-play over the last 24 hours make that highly unlikely. And Sara Carter reports that McCabe “lashed out to his colleagues when he was told he would be asked to resign, according to sources.”

Mr. McCabe was forced out the same day that members of Congress are voting on whether or not to release the memo that summarizes classified information that supposedly proves that the highest levels of the FBI had been weaponized against President Trump. That memo was reviewed by McCabe’s boss, Christopher Wray, Sunday.

Fox News reports that FBI Director Wray went to the Capitol yesterday to view the House Intelligence Committee’s memo. Wray, a Trump appointee, may have seen troubling information in the memo and decided to remove McCabe from his post as a result.

Monday was the first day that he could be removed and still use terminal benefits to reach retirement.

It is widely expected that some FBI officials close to McCabe, perhaps Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, may also be forced to resign in coming weeks.

* this is a breaking story and will be updated as events warrant

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