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Claims of Democrat wave in 2018 look overblown as RNC outraises DNC ‘Big League’

Network and cable news outlets have schlepped poll after poll showing that Democrats could retake the House and Senate in the 2018 mid-term election. But October and November fundraising numbers tell an entirely different story.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) raised $8.2 million in November besting the Democratic National Committee’s haul of $5.7 million. The GOP also outraised Democrats in October $9.2 million versus $3.9 million.

The RNC has pulled in almost twice as much money as Democrats in 2017. Republicans have raked in $121.4 million this year compared to the DNC’s $62 million.

Now that President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans passed the economy-boosting tax reform which will put more money in the paychecks of voters, enthusiasm for the GOP’s policy agenda could spark increased donations from individuals and corporations.

While the flawed ‘generic ballot’ polls continue to mislead the public about voter sentiment, the real data materializes as the electorate votes with their wallets. And those are going to be fatter next year no thanks to Democrats.

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Rich Mitchell

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