MSNBC’s Olbermann Declares NRA ‘Terrorist Organization’

Keith Olbermann is taking the calls for a war on the National Rifle Association one step further than Hillary Clinton by dropping all pretenses of logic or sanity and just calling the organization a terrorist organization.

The former MSNBC and ESPN star who now spends the better part of his day wailing from his pathetic little internet forum at G.Q. upped the rhetoric that the Democrats and their leader in exile have been wailing about to another level.

In his diatribe, Olbermann also called the Second Amendment “BULLSHIT”, a view widely held by the fanatics on the left who have escalated their attempts to disarm millions of law-abiding Americans but especially anyone who may have voted for President Trump.

Here’s his latest Twitter spasm:

This guy’s mouth is so foul that going forward he should be known as Keith Fucking Olbermann!

Seriously though, G.Q. had better get this guy some help and quickly because he is dangerously close to proving his point about guns by blowing his own brains out on camera.

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Donn Marten

Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

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One Comment

  1. Up your’s, Olbermann !! You’re just another hornet from the nest doing what you’re told. Man, what a way to live life, doing what you’re told. I’ll take freedom instead, you nutcase.
    Get it through your thick Talmudic skull, Bozo ; we Americans are NEVER giving up our guns. Got it ? If you don’t like that, there is nothing keeping you here in OUR country, so GTFO !!

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