Nancy Pelosi Finally Denounces Hollywood Sexual Predator Harvey Weinstein

Leading House Democrat Nancy Pelosi may be a senile old nag but she has beaten many of her fellow party members to the punch of denouncing Hollywood mega-donor Harvey Weinstein.

The San Francisco septuagenarian tried to get out in front of a sex scandal that could engulf her entire party and undermine every sleazy effort to pander to feminists – especially with Hillary still hanging around – by strongly condemning the king of the casting couch after rape allegations emerged on Monday.

Via The Hill “Pelosi: Allegations against Harvey Weinstein are ‘despicable’”:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Tuesday condemned film mogul Harvey Weinstein for the multiple allegations of sexual harassment against him, calling his actions “despicable.”

In a statement, the California Democrat condemned Weinstein’s attempts to “silence” his victims.

“The news of Harvey Weinstein’s countless assaults on women and the clear efforts to intimidate his victims into silence are shocking. His despicable actions violate every standard of acceptable behavior,” Pelosi said.

“Every man who disrespects and attacks women must be held accountable.”

An explosive investigation from The New York Times last week detailed decades of rape and sexual harassment allegations against Weinstein. The report also revealed that Weinstein has settled with at least eight women over related accusations.

Pelosi’s comments come days after other similar condemnations from top Democrats, many of whom were the recipients of major donations from the film producer over the years.

The Weinstein cataclysm is going to hurt the Democrats and hurt them badly heading into next year’s midterm elections.

The party was leaning heavily on California to help them to retake the House but now that such a major piece of their funding-activist machine has been rendered as toxic as nuclear waste, he will be impossible to replace in such a short time.

You have to just be loving this, watching as all of these hypocrites who have preached women’s rights and expended great energy smearing President Trump as a misogynist bigot get hoisted upon their own petards.

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