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Long-Time Liberal Female Abuser Seeks Forgiveness by Attacking NRA

How in the world can liberal Democrats be considered decent people? Big-time movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has been exposed as having for years been a known woman abuser, but will now be forgiven for his past bad behavior as long as he attacks and tries to destroy the National Rifle Association. Does this make any sense to reasonable people? I have no doubt that it makes sense to liberals, but I mean to regular, reasonable people.

“Even with all the challenges that lie ahead for Weinstein, I am still not ready to write him off,” Forbes columnist Jonathan Berr wrote Thursday. “If Mel Gibson can be forgiven for his sins, there is hope for Weinstein.”

Poor Donald Trump was savaged and declared unfit to be president for having just spoken crudely in a private conversation with other men about women, but a man who actually abused women is forgiven and adored because he’s a liberal and he will spend money and time attacking the NRA, an organization that has never attacked or abused a woman. And how about the quick and decisive removals of conservatives Bill O’Reilly and Eric Bolling when rather timid rumors were spread about them? Could there be a double standard for liberals and conservatives?

Bill Clinton is also a serial abuser of women who is loved by the left, and is married to Hillary Clinton who, even though she knows of Bill’s unwanted and occasionally violent amorous attentions, still hugs and kisses him in public for political gain every chance she gets.

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One suspects that anyone who publicly supports the liberal touchstones of abortion and gun control can do no wrong no matter how badly they behave. But how, then, can one explain the liberal treatment of Cam Newton, the Quarterback for the Carolina Panthers and a Democrat in good standing, who made the mistake of speaking slightly sternly to a female reporter, and was taken to task by the liberal press and forced to apologize for his remarks? Some sort of leftist sacred line was crossed by Mr. Newton, and he was made to pay for it.

But is it possible that when the white Weinstein is given a pass for actually abusing women while the black Newton is criticized, has product endorsement contracts taken from him and is forced to apologize for simply speaking to the reporter, that this disparity of treatment on the part of liberals is racism?

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  1. Weinstein needs to have his gun confiscated….

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