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Trump Speaks At UN, Puts World On Notice


I was extremely impressed with President Trump’s speech to the UN. It was clearly what all these leaders needed to hear and think about as a whole. He could not have done a more superior job confronting the world as it is to today and those who have false ideologies and want to have all the say so if it agrees with what they think and want. We are surrounded by the Deep States false ideology that only heads The United States for destruction, communism and total control over all our lives as Americans period. They want control, power, our total submission to them and their twisted thinking and the privilege to do whatever they want with no regard for anyone but themselves! Our President is a great man that cares about us and is making good decisions. We should all be backing him because your backing America and what it stands for and has ALWAYS stood for over time. We finally have a President who will not be bullied by other Countries. We haven’t had that in a very long time! He won’t shake in fear and give Kim billions of dollars to leave us alone, like past Presidents.

I love how he looked them all in the eye and told them like it was in blunt terms which Trump is known for, especially Kim Jung Un when he said if Kim doesn’t stop nuclearising  his country and doesn’t stop threatening our friends and allies with his rockets then we will have no alternative, but to destroy his country.WOW!!! Go Trump!!!

Donald Trump is a man that knows how to get results. He is a master of the business world and is bringing that expertise to his Administration. In the business world, your public appearance is a very powerful tool.

“UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that other world leaders are now using “Rocket Man,” President Trump’s nickname for Kim Jong-un.

Trump referred to the North Korean leader as “Rocket Man” again in his keynote at the UN conference Tuesday, but according to Haley, world leaders were even using it before that speech.

“I was talking to a president of an African country yesterday and he actually cited ‘rocket man,’ back to me” Haley said Wednesday morning. “So, I will tell you that, look, this is a way that we are getting people to talk about him.”

“Every other international community now is referring to him as ‘rocket man,’” she asserted.

In his speech at the United Nations on Tuesday, President Donald Trump ruffled the feathers of many world leaders when he attacked socialism as a “failed ideology.”

“The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implemented,” Trump said.

Trump paused for a moment for applause — an applause that didn’t come as world leaders were not amused that he attacked the fundamentally flawed ideology that many of them are actively trying to implement in their own countries.

Trump went on saying, “From the Soviet Union to Cuba to Venezuela, wherever true socialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish and devastation and failure. Those who preach the tenets of these discredited ideologies only contribute to the continued suffering of the people who live under these cruel systems. America stands with every person living under a brutal regime. Our respect for sovereignty is also a call for action. All people deserve a government that cares for their safety, their interests and their well-being, including their prosperity.”

Trump said he will always put America first and other leaders should do the same with their country.

Trump is exactly right. ! Capitalism has raised more people out of poverty than any other economic system known to humankind. Communism has been responsible for the poverty, starvation, and death of untold millions. Why can’t people realize this?

Many have gone after Trump’s words as outrageous. Sarah Sanders took to Trump’s defense and cleared the air. She defended Trump by explaining exactly what Trump’s message was saying. Sanders said that this is the type of man the people elected and want. Someone who is going to be strong and not weak like in previous administrations who just gave Kim money and not do anything.

Typical lib reaction came from the idiotic, stupid, ignorant women of The View especially the worst one Joy Behar who wondered why we hadn’t heard about North Korea before all this.

I’ll tell you why Joy. Because your guy Obama, Bush and Clinton all gave Kim billions of dollars naively hoping he would straighten out his country and back off, but he didn’t. Appeasement doesn’t work. Never did and never will. Kim is a guy who holds public executions to anyone who disagrees with him. He killed his own uncle with an anti-aircraft gun in a public execution once. He beats, tortures and starves his own people, but I guess you wouldn’t know things like that Joy. Now he’s threatening the world with bragging he has a nuclear bomb, poses with it and says it could reach the United States. He sends two missiles over Japan and threatens to destroy our ally  Guam. So what are we supposed to do just sit back and watch it happen? Liberals naively believe that if you be nice to them they’ll be nice to you. Not so. Trump said enough is enough and stands up to maniacs like Kim.

Trump made reference to the American student Otto Warmbier who was in a coma in North Korea and died after he was returned home. I’m sure he was beaten and tortured into that coma. There are videos of Koreans being tortured and beaten  there on YouTube, but I guess you don’t see them Joy. You probably are one of those libs who naively believes if you’re nice to them they’ll be nice to you.

A good example of this is former president Jimmy Carter who said “I would send my top person to Pyongyang immediately if I didn’t go myself,” Carter said, noting that he’s been three times to the country, even as successive U.S. administrations have refused to deal with the regime.

The North Koreans, Carter said, want a treaty that guarantees the U.S. will not attack unless North Korea attacks the U.S. or an ally, particularly South Korea. “Until we talk to them and treat them with respect – as human beings, which they are – I don’t think we’re going to make any progress,” Carter said.

However now North Korea is making all the noise first. Jimmy Carter is in no position to criticize. Hey Jimmy How did that foreign policy strategy work out with Iran?

Former Secretary of State John Kerry says President Donald Trump’s United Nations speech may have put America in isolation and danger.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show Wednesday, Kerry criticized Trump’s harsh rhetoric against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Kerry said, “You have to ask yourself: Is America safer because of ‘rocket man?” He was referring to Trump’s characterization of Kim.

Kerry said that kind of harsh language will make it harder for the United States to engage in diplomacy on North Korea and other international issues. Kerry calls Kim ”rocket man” the name Trump gave him and then accuses Trump of using harsh language. What a hypocrite.

Kerry also charged that Trump emphasized his “America First” mantra mostly to please his supporters at home rather than the world community. “You give a speech at the United Nations to bring people to the table,” he added.Trump spoke of an America that would not only act primarily in its own interest but would also encourage others to do the same.

“As president of the United States, I will always put America first,” he said. “Just like you, as the leaders of your countries, will always and should always put your countries first.”

Another one who reacted strongly in a negative manner was CNN liberal snowflake reporter Jim Acosta who has had run-ins with Trump before at press conferences. Although Trump’s UN speech was widely praised by world leaders, CNN shill Jim Acosta threw a HISSY FIT after the speech ended. In this speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea should they refuse to abandon their nuclear weapons program.

Apparently, Acosta was a little too triggered by Trump’s tough stances. Acosta responded to the President’s comments on social media within minutes, slamming his remarks as “saber-rattling” and referring to the address as a collection of “Trump tweets strung together.”

“UN speech was a lot of Trump tweets strung together. Saber-rattling. But no clear doctrine. Threats of confrontation around the world,” he posted.

I guess Acosta is just so used to our former weakling President, Barack Hussein Obama. He’s not accustomed to a President coming out strong and STANDING UP for America!

Although the liberal snowflakes are melting down, Trump fans are mighty pleased with his performance. Isreali Prime Minister called Trump’s speech the most courageous speech a president has ever given and he was so right. I’m so glad we have a real stand-up guy for President.   Someone who loves the country and will do anything to protect her. Goooo Trump..keep  telling it like it really is, not as the far left wants it to be!!!


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