Trump Blasts ESPN’s Radical Leftist Politics, Wants Apology for ‘White Supremacist’ Smear

The refusal of ESPN to discipline the racist host Jemele Hill over her inflammatory series of tweets that accused President Trump of being a white supremacist was outrageous and should show all of America the type of values that the network espouses.

Rather than incur the wrath of the cult of Kaepernick, ESPN instead chose to accept Hill’s apology (which wasn’t offered to Trump) and go about business as usual, an easy thing to do considering that the bulk of the population has the attention spans of ADHD afflicted gnats.

A report by leftist think tank the Center for American Progress claims that the network was going to temporarily pull Hill off the air but risked a revolt from other black personalities who like her, have used their positions at ESPN to push a radical leftist racial agenda.

Now the target of those controversial tweets has finally chimed in as President Trump trained the lethal weapon that is his Twitter account on ESPN:

Things may be about to get mighty interesting as Hill is already on the brink of martyrdom and the POTUS has just thrown in his two cents this morning.

According to the Washington Free Beacon “Trump Demands Apology From ESPN After Anchor Called Him ‘White Supremacist’”:

President Donald Trump called for an apology from ESPN on Friday after one if its anchors called him a “white supremacist,” slamming the network for falling ratings because of its politics.

“ESPN is paying a really big price for its politics (and bad programming). People are dumping it in RECORD numbers. Apologize for untruth!” he tweeted.

ESPN is facing financial problems, although it stems more from declining cable subscription numbers than its declining ratings. It laid off more than 100 employees in April.

SportsCenter anchor Jemele Hill tweeted Trump was a white supremacist who surrounded himself with other white supremacists this week in a tweetstorm, prompting ESPN to disavow her remarks and Hill to say she regretted putting the network in an “unfair light.” She did not apologize for her attacks on Trump, however.

ESPN has faced criticism for liberal bias in its coverage and having a chilling culture against conservatives inside the network. Hill received support from other top ESPN personalities amidst the controversy.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called Hill’s comments a “fireable offense” on Wednesday. After criticism for calling for the dismissal of a private employee from the podium, Sanders stood by the remarks on Thursday and suggested ESPN “stick to sports.”

What Ms. Hill did was defamatory towards Trump who is NOT a white supremacist.

This perception only exists within the twisted minds of brainwashed liberals and a small percentage of African-Americans who will never actually admit that they themselves are racists. You can probably count Hill and her fellow ESPN clowns among them.

ESPN’s ineptitude and lack of control over its own employees have now trapped the network between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Veteran racial grievance pimp Al Sharpton has vowed to organize a boycott against ESPN if Hill is dumped but now that Trump has joined the fray, you can expect that there will be increasing pressure on the network to do just that.

Had ESPN simply stuck to sports then none of this would be happening.

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