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The Mental Illness of Trump Derangement Syndrome in the Media Part Two!!!

Melania getting on plane

In my last article, I described how the media is suffering from the mental illness known as Trump Derangement Syndrome. It seems to be spreading and getting worse for them as time goes on as they are now going nuts over President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visiting Texas to check on how everything is going in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Trump visited Texas to observe the federal government’s work to help the state recover after Harvey’s devastation. The storm, bringing torrents of rain and all but paralyzing Houston, marks the first time Trump has been tested by a major natural disaster.

The president received briefings on the relief efforts in Corpus Christi, Texas, and later met with state officials at the emergency operations center in Austin. The president was joined by the FLOTUS and other officials.

While they are visiting to assess the damage and how to get Houston residents the help they need, liberals got distracted.

While boarding Air Force One, Melania sported black capris, an olive green bomber jacket, and god-forbid… heels!

While she changed into more practical footwear while aboard the plane, Twitter users lost it!

For the next couple of days, all Trump critics still suffering from the mental illness known as  Trump Derangement Syndrome could talk about was Melania wearing her high stiletto heels while going to Texas to see Harvey victims even though she changed to more comfortable sneakers on the plane. Personally, it didn’t bother me one bit and was actually a turn on for me. She can wear anything and look great.

In the S&M fetish community, a woman like Melania in high spike heels is considered symbolic of dominance and superiority and goddess beauty that must be worshipped, adored and revered which they do. I think these critics attacking Melania for her shoes are really latent submissive foot and shoe fetishists in secret who are envious and jealous of her and too embarrassed to admit it so since they are Trump haters they have to attack her. Research has shown that many politicians and media people attend places that cater to that fetish. They whine like little kids whining over ice cream, but I guess that’s symptomatic of the illness known as TDS.

Some critics were so deranged and mean spirited that they said Texas got what it deserved for voting for Trump.

They also criticized Trump for not meeting with victims and giving them hugs like Bush did with Katrina and Obama did with Sandy and posted pictures of such.

When Trump was in Texas he went to the command center and oversaw that everything was going smoothly and that the people were getting their much-needed materials and supplies that they needed like a good CEO should.

Governor Greg Abbott listed all the things they got such as cots, food, water, clothing and over 125 shelters were opened and said that this was the most organized relief effort ever seen. The people don’t care about hugs now. They just want results and results are what they are getting.

On Monday Trump and Melania are returning to Texas to meet with victims, officials and first responders. Bush waited 14 days before returning to Louisiana to assess the damage from Katrina and Obama waited almost as long before checking out Sandy. Trump was there within a week after the storm hit. That’s the difference between then and now.

trumps arrivinginTexas

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