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Name-Calling From the Left Reminiscent of Stalin’s Soviet Union

In the Soviet Union, the Stalinists called their enemies revisionists, capitalists and hoarders in order to brand them and create an atmosphere of negativism against people who just wanted to live their lives peacefully and have a little prosperity and happiness along the way. In current-day America, our leftist Democrats and their wholly-owned media organizations call their enemies “deniers” and “white supremacists”.

In both the Soviet Union and today’s America the name-callers knew that their enemies were neither hoarders nor white supremacists, but people on the left must label their political opponents with abusive names, and then demonize their enemies in order to defeat them. The necessity to name-call and demonize accompanies and precedes the left’s reversion to violence, which follows quickly when their enemies will not give in to their demands.

Americans can be very thankful that Hillary Clinton was not elected president last November or the American left would have taken the next step beyond name-calling and physically beating their rivals, and they would already have put their political enemies in jail in order to get rid of them and their insistence on the government being run under the guidance of an honest press and our constitution.

By way of giving an example of what might have happened if Hillary had won last year’s election, Donald Trump and his family would have already been accused of treason and have been judged to be guilty by all of the forces aligned against them on the left. And if Hillary were in charge of the Justice Department you can bet Trump would be in jail right now. And what was the charge against Trump: collusion with Vladimir Putin to defeat Hillary and her run for the presidency, a charge that has fallen flat on its face after months of dedicated and intense investigation by thousands of leftists and a special counsel.

The left will listen to no defense to the evil “white supremacists” charge (remember that it’s the seriousness of the charge that convicts people in the opinion of Democrats, not the evidence or provable facts) because Democrats assume their own purity and righteousness, so the impure must be made to suffer.

Fear of the political left is completely justified because the left is serious when they say they want global warming deniers in jail, and when senatorial committees interrogating presidential appointees persecute the appointees by criticizing them for strongly held religious principles that Americans have always thought made a better person.

But in today’s left-leaning America religion makes them bad people who are accused of racist deeds and intents and are judged to be unqualified for public service in the current administration. The general rule of Democrats is that Christianity is a bad practice and all people who subscribe to it must be removed from positions of power.

Democrats and leftist news agencies are dangerous and are a threat to the future welfare of Americans and to the United States of America.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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