Las Vegas Police Deny NFL’s Michael Bennett Was Racially Profiled as Video Rebuts Player’s Claims

The Las Vegas Police Department on Friday released a video that would appear to debunk NFL national anthem protest ringleader Michael Bennett’s claim that he was racially profiled during an arrest in August.

Bennett was in Sin City attending the Mayweather-McGregor title bout and afterward, went to a club where what a call to investigate a possible shooting resulted in police being sent to the scene.

Upon their arrival, the Seattle Seahawks $31.5 million defensive lineman and social justice activist was deemed to be acting suspiciously – hiding behind a machine and taking flight – which resulted in him being briefly detained by officers.

Bennett claimed that a gun was held to his head and that he was in fear for his life (no video to either confirm or rebut this exists) and that the police used excessive force and that he was the victim of racial profiling. The second accusation was nonsense because there were many blacks at the club at the time of the call although they weren’t acting in a manner that attracted the attention of officers.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo defended his officers and rebutted claims of the racial profiling, another video showed that despite his claims, that Bennett was NOT roughed up but was treated with respect after police ran a check to determine who he was.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports “Sheriff: Las Vegas police had reasonable suspicion to stop Michael Bennett”:

Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Friday that officers had “reasonable suspicion” to stop NFL player Michael Bennett in August after a shooting was reported on the Strip.

“They did what they were trained to do,” Lombardo said during an afternoon news conference.

The sheriff emphasized that Bennett did nothing wrong when Metro officers detained him outside The Cromwell, 3503 Las Vegas Blvd. South, the morning of Aug. 27. Lombardo said Bennett was detained for 10 minutes because he ran from a reported shooting inside the hotel while police commanded people to stay down.

Bennett, a Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman, attracted national attention after he accused Las Vegas police of using excessive force and of targeting him because he’s black.

At Friday’s news conference, Lombardo said he understands being detained and suspected of a felony can be alarming, and he insisted he wasn’t trying to disparage Bennett.

He then praised the officers involved in the incident for their bravery in responding to a reported shooting.

“I believe they acted appropriately and professionally,” he said.

Spokesman Jay Rivera previously said the officer who detained Bennett during what turned out to be a falsely reported shooting told his supervisors he forgot to turn on his body camera prior to the stop. Lombardo confirmed that information Friday.

Metro again denied race was a factor in detaining Bennett. Lombardo said one of the detaining officers was Latino and many of the other people around Bennett were black and not detained.

Bennett’s attorney, John Burris, reiterated Bennett’s position that he was racially profiled, adding he is a socially conscious person who is aware of implicit bias.

“That’s what Michael believes,” Burris said.

Las Vegas Police Protective Association President Steve Grammas has ripped Bennett’s account and subsequent comments as “defamatory” of officers and has called for an apology. Don’t hold your breath dude.

This will further inflame the national anthem protesters and is another embarrassment to the NFL considering that Bennett is one of the players that has become their go-to guy on the controversy.

He was given national exposure by CNN and was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s big propaganda issue that promoted “unity” and was so elevated by the media that he used his soapbox to demand a meeting with President Donald Trump to set him straight.

Sports Illustrated has already put out a story suggesting that even after the video that Bennett may have a reason for legal action against the police that reeks of an attempt at damage control.

Now this inconvenient release of the video by the Vegas police that seems to rebut the key components of Bennett’s account and calls into question his veracity.

When you look at Bennett’s insistence at presenting himself as the successor to Colin Kaepernick in the NFL’s malcontent battalion it would seem that he had a vested interest in portraying himself as the victim of racial profiling.

Would it surprise anyone if he staged the entire incident wanting it to end up as a controversy?

There never was an actual shooter either – coincidence?

Think about it. Bennett sat on the incident until the day before the NFL season opener between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs. If it was such an outrage, why not go public immediately?

Now that the police have released the video, inconsistencies in Bennett’s account would seem to merit a serious investigation by anyone other than the NFL.

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