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Ingraham Gets Show in Another Shake-Up for Fox News Lineup

Conservative host and regular Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham is reportedly finishing contract talks to take the 10 pm slot on the Fox News Channel.

According to a report, Ingraham will take the 10 pm hour from “Hannity” who will move to the 9 pm hour pushing “The Five” back to its original timeslot at 5 pm which was vacated when Fox parted ways with Eric Bolling who hosted “The Specialists” in that slot.

Previous schedule changes in the Fox News lineup left most watchers wondering if anyone was actually planning the schedule or just playing “pin the tail” with the time slots. At one point, Rupert “Daddy” Murdoch had to step back in to calm the waters among staff.

This return to a schedule more like the one that was present before the departure of Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly is the first logical move the Murdoch kids have made in months.

“The Five” belonged at five, you need Hannity at 9 with another strong, intelligent Conservative host behind him. That was obvious and the newest moves fit that model.

The transitions are now more natural. Daytime news (Shep, and HQ) transitions into the Five’s lighter approach until the deep-look news of Baier and MacCallum. Tucker, Hanity, and Ingraham will finish out FNC’s evening programming with commentary.

The schedule changes also put Hannity up against MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow who has been doing very well in the 9 pm timeslot ever since “The Five” moved there.

Finally, the Murdoch boys, James and Lachlan, may make some decent moves. Now we’ll see if there’s enough of the Fox News audience still around to appreciate it.

The timing and name of Laura’s new show and the date for the schedule changes have not yet been announced as the contract details have not yet been finalized.

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    1. If she pulls in the audience, which I think she will, she’ll be in either the 9pm or 8pm slot O’Reilly used to fill. Ingraham – Hannity – Carlson would be a strong line up as well.

  1. WTF – The Five rocks in the evenings and is a breath of fresh air – back at 5 pm nobody watches as they are commuting home from work.
    Shepard Smith needs to be replaced as his MONOTONE VOICE is just too annoying to watch anymore and has driven us back to soap operas in his time slots.
    Laura Ingraham is so smart and being an attorney – would be great at the 7 pm slot once held by Greta Van Susteren – “On The Record Show” – and a lead in to the 8 pm prime-time.

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